Three Line Tales, Week 112

Do you see him, do you, do you, do you?  He’s got that thick black wool that is so dreamy, baahhh, is he checking me out?.  Do I look ok, how’s my wool, eyes good – ok I’m going over.

Three Line Tales is hosted by Sonya of Only 100 Words.  Check it out here.

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Lucky Charms

Daily Prompt:  Talisman

Have you ever had a lucky charm?  I can remember when I was a child I had a rabbit’s foot.  Remember them?  It was supposed to bring me good luck.  But, it never did.  It was just a superstition.  I grew out of believing in things bringing luck to me.

Many non-catholic’s believe that the medals we wear or the rosaries we use or the statues of saints we have are nothing more than a talisman.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  These things are a sign of our devotion to a particular saint or to Jesus.

I wear a Miraculous Medal always.  I have since I graduated from eighth grade.  I was installed into the sodality at my parish with it.  This medal is one of the Blessed Mother.  I don’t really have a patron saint, so I adopted her as mine.  Anyway, this is an outward sign of my devotion to the Mother of Jesus.

This devotion does not take anything away from my adoration of Jesus or God.  It is simply that I call on her for help when I have a problem.  No one has more influence on God then Mary.  God chose her to be His Son’s mother.  No one has more influence on Jesus, she raised and cared for Him during his life.  So, although I pray to God for my concern, I also ask Mary to intercede for me.  It is no different than asking a friend to pray for you.

Saints have already arrived in heaven.  They enjoy the glorious vision of God.  They have His ear so to speak.  So, when we are storming heaven with prayer, they join in and pray for us too.  It’s a beautiful part of my Catholic faith.


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Midnight Hamster Hunt In The Nude

nf-badge-1linerweds-2017 - Copy

Written for Linda G. Hills’ One Liner Wednesday:  The F-Word and the

 Daily Prompt:  Invisible

Many years ago I had a pool party for some of my fellow workers.  As the night went on, one of the girls asked if she could go look at the hamsters my kids had.   I told her sure, and that if she wanted one she was welcome to it.  The two hamsters that were supposed to be the same sex, produced eleven or twelve little fur balls.

These little rodents were housed in one of those plastic tunnel habitats and because of our cat, we had it sitting on the bar in our family room instead of my daughter’s room.

All of a sudden Jill comes out and tells me that there are no hamsters in the habitat.  I laughed and told her that that was impossible.  They must all be burrowed down under the nesting material.  She shook her head no, that there were no hamsters in it.

I ran into the family room and sure enough, there was not one of those fur balls in the habitat.  The little buggers chewed right through the plastic!  I looked around quickly but didn’t see anything running around.  I couldn’t believe it.  They weren’t invisible for heaven’s sake.  By now the party was over and everyone was leaving.

After the last person left, I ran out to the pool house and took off my bathing suit and wrapped myself up in a towel.  As I walked back into the house, I saw a little furry thing scurry up my drapes.  I ran for it and caught it.  One down.

I called for hubby to come help me find the critters.  So I don’t know how much time had gone by, but I was on my hands and knees in front of my door scooping up a hamster when I hear a knock on the door. Of course, in my mad hamster hunting, I had neglected to close the inside door.  I look around and see this guy standing there with his mouth open.  I looked down and realized that my towel had come loose.  I almost died.  And so did he.  I got up and ran down the hall calling hubby to handle whatever he needed.

I have laughed over this for years.  🙂




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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge



kelly 458

kelly 459

kelly 460


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Color Your World


This Week’s Challenges from Tourmaline: March 18 – 24 (OWPC, WW & CYW)


Image result for crayola shamrock green crayons


My quilted shamrock table topper.



Image result for crayola navy blue crayons


Challenge quilt from years ago,


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This Week’s Challenges from Tourmaline: March 18 – 24 (OWPC, WW & CYW)




I found this guy sitting outside my front door.  I have no idea what it is.  Maybe some kind of moth?  His head is fuzzy



Look at this face!


Canada Geese.  I love these guys.  I know they can be noisy and messy, but they are comical if you watch them.


The first blooms in my woods.

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The Rumor

Daily Prompt:  Identical, Blush


This week’s two words are Canard and/or Rumor.


It was late when her shift at the hospital ended.  She was tired and she couldn’t stop thinking about the rumors she had heard at work.  I can’t believe they are going to lay off nurses, she thought.  We are short staffed as it is.

She was lost in thought and not paying attention to her surroundings while she walked to her car in the dark parking lot.  They still hadn’t fixed the lights that had burned out weeks ago.  As Peggy started to put the key in the door to unlock the car, something hit her on the head.  She felt herself falling down, but it was in slow motion.  Suddenly as she was losing consciousness, she felt hands around her waist.  Peggy heard garbled voices.

It seemed like she had been asleep for days when she finally opened her eyes in the emergency room.  Not sure why she was there, she tried to get up but fell backward on the liter.  Her head really hurt and she felt a huge bandage on her head.  She could not figure out what had happened to her.

She fell asleep again, then woke shortly after hearing voices near her.  Opening her eyes she saw that her identical twins were standing next to the bed.  Wait, how did I get into a bed and room without me knowing it.?  What is going on?  Her kids were happy to see she was awake finally.  They gave her a big hug and started asking questions about her injury.  All Peggy could remember was something hitting her head and someone grabbing her.

Then her nurse came into the room.  She explained that one of the overhead lights in the parking lot had exploded and the metal bracket fell on your head.  It was very lucky that the security guard was there and saw it happen.  You could have been out there until day shift started.

Peggy appreciated the fact that the security guard got her attention right away, but she was furious that the hospital had been neglectful in not repairing the lights.  She was steaming.

After Peggy’s kids left, the security guard that had helped her walked into the room.  He told Peggy that he was happy to see she was awake.  He had been worried about her all night.  Apparently, she had said some strange things to him when he was trying to keep her from falling.   Peggy, blushed as she thanked the kind man for what he had done for her.  He told her no worries that he knew she didn’t realize he was trying to help her.

In the evening, the nursing supervisor came in to check on Peggy.  She told her that she had given everyone quite a scare.  Peggy looked at her square in the eye and asked her if the hospital was laying off nurses.  Her supervisor laughed and said that canard has been going around the hospital for months.  Peggy just stared at her and asked if it was true.  The supervisor just smiled and said you just get better and don’t worry about anything.  Then she was gone.


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