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Here are the questions and my answers for this weeks’ Share Your World hosted by Cee Neuner.

February 19, 2018 
How do you like your eggs?  In my chocolate cake.  I don’t eat just plain eggs.  I have never been able to tolerate them.  What I think is funny is I never have had a problem with them in food that includes eggs.

Have you ever met anyone famous?  Famous is a relative term.  I have met a few international quilt teachers.  I have met a few Philadelphia Phillies baseball players.  I met President Nixon when I was a kid and he came through Levittown, PA.  Well, he touched my hand, meet is maybe an overstatement.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?  The first thing I bought with my own money was a pair of wool shorts.  I wore them until they fell apart.  🙂

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Early last Wednesday morning I awoke with a terrible pain in my left flank.  The pain was so bad, that it had me nauseated.  I attempted to wait it out to no avail.  Finally, after an hour had passed with no improvement I decided I had better drive myself to the hospital.  It’s only a little over two miles away from me.

Well, that was an exercise in futility.  I made it to my living room and collapsed onto my couch.  I hated to do it but called my daughter so she could take me.  By the time I got into the ER I thought that I was dying.

I was taken very promptly.  Before I knew what hit me they had an IV in my arm, got labs and gave me some IV pain medication and something for nausea.  Once the meds took hold, I was whisked off for a CT Scan.  You guessed it.  I had a Kidney Stone!  I have never had one before.  Being a nurse, I had taken care of many patients with kidney stones.  I thought I had empathy for them.  NOW I have empathy.  I can’t think of much else more painful.

So, what I am most appreciative of this week is that that wonderful doctor ordered pain meds.  That wonderful nurse got an IV in me with one stick that I really didn’t feel, then proceeded to administer the meds.  And lastly, I passed that stone on Saturday!


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Taraxacum officinale


Better known as the Dandelion.  I was outside yesterday and came across this beauty.  It’s the first sign of spring here in the woods.  I ran for my camera and grabbed a shot.  That is not snow behind the blooms, it’s sand.  So, here is my flower of the day.  Afterall, most flowers were once weeds, right? 🙂



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The Key To Happiness





Daily Prompt:  Compromise

When I was young my father taught me the art of compromise.  He told me that learning how to compromise was the key to happiness.  He also told me that I am responsible for my own happiness.  Hence, learn how to compromise.

My dad quit high school to join the army.  He did not pass the physical so instead of going off to war in Korea, he joined the National Gard.  But, my dad was a very wise man.  He read voraciously.  He could repair anything.  Cars, appliances, and my broken heart.  But I digress.

One of the most important aspects of life he taught me was that to be happy we all have to compromise.  None of us are perfect, so we need to accept it and not continue to hit ourselves over the head about it.  We also must realize that those we come into contact with are not perfect. I know a little repetitive here.  🙂 We must compromise in our expectations of others and not demand perfection.  This by no means is an excuse not to do our best at whatever we choose to do with our lives.  Working hard, doing a good job, taking care of each other is what is expected when you become an adult.

As far as marriage is concerned, he said, you must each give 110% all the time.  He went on to say that in doing this, you learn how to compromise.  He followed it up quickly by saying, compromise is in no way an excuse to put up with physical or mental abuse in a marriage.  That is another story entirely.

Dad was the most giving man I have ever known.  In the scheme of things what color you paint the walls is really not worth putting your foot down.  He always saved the big issues for discussion, an example that I hope I followed throughout my marriage.

We can’t always have our own way.  There is a time to stand firm and a time to give in.  Finding those times in my life have shown me the way to be happy.  My husband and I shared almost 41 years of marriage until he passed away in 2016.  I guess my dad knew what he was talking about.

Have a good one.


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February 18-Protude

Here is my interpretation.  Just another handle.





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Daily Prompt:  Present

I sit alone quietly
Praying for peace.
Peace in the present
And in the future.
Violence has taken over
In our schools.
Children are dying.
Why is this so?
Has God left us
To walk this earth alone?
Or have we left God
Thinking we don’t need Him?
A foolish thought
I know.
He gave us life
To cherish and honor Him.
He made us in His image.
So why do we turn away
From His ways?

Are mortal pleasures and hate
More important than our
Immortal souls?
I think it is time
For God to be invited
Back into our lives,
Our schools, our government
And our world.
The time for self-gratification
Is long past.
It’s time we put others
Before ourselves.
Time for respect.
Respect for God, self, authority,
And for life itself.


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The Village


Daily Prompt:  Courage, Rube, Costume, Suspicious

It was a day not to be forgotten.  A day when there were so many assaults on the countryside.  Who could the peasants turn to for help?  It seems there was no one with the courage to step forward to defend their way of life.

The nobles were nowhere to be found.  Where were those who had promised protection for the poor?  Would they perish?  But how could the nobles let this happen?  Who would cook and clean for them?   Can they survive without us?

Slowly a rube came forward.  A simple sort who’s costume needed many repairs.  He was barefoot, dirty and spoke with a weak voice saying he would defend them.  “How can this be?” they asked him laughing.  You are a nothing a simpleton.

The rube spoke up saying, I may be nothing with nothing, but together we are something and have many weapons at our disposal.  Gather your farming tools and we will meet at the bridge to defend our homes.

The rest of the peasants in the village were suspicious but did as the rube had instructed.  The peasants laid in wait for the invaders to cross the bridge.  After many hours had passed, a scout was sent out to see where the invaders had gone.

The scout came running back into the village yelling that the invaders had vanished.  Cheers erupted throughout the village.  In no time the rube went back to being the village bumpkin, the nobles demanded the peasants resume their duties and the village continued to get along in the same fashion of its past.  It didn’t take long for the villagers to forget the courageous actions of the simple man who was willing to lead them to their defense of the invaders.



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The Dolly


February 17- his/her(s)

Her favorite doll was her Tiny Tears.  She named her Janet after her little friend across the street.  Mandy would take her for walks in her doll carriage, feed her from her baby bottle, and rock her patiently when tears formed in her eyes.  Mandy loved her Tiny Tears so much.

Mandy had Raggedy Anne and Andy, and her Gerber Baby, but they just didn’t make her feel like a mommy like Janet did.  She took such care of her dolls, especially Janet.  So, when her younger brother stole Janet, took her outside, threw her up in the air causing her to get a scratch on her cheek when she landed,  Mandy was beside herself.

How could Johnny do such a thing?  Would he like it if she took one of his favorite trucks and did something to it?  As Mandy ran into the house holding her precious Janet, she was crying.  Daddy stopped her asking what had happened.  As she reported the atrocity her little brother had committed, he hugged her ever so tightly.  He explained that little brothers are like that.  He didn’t really know why, but they had this innate desire to be a pain to their big sisters.  He really didn’t mean to hurt your dolly,  he just wanted to annoy you.

Mandy didn’t stop crying until she heard her daddy tell Johnny he was grounded for three days with no toys, and no TV so that he could think about what he had done.  Smiling, Mandy walked past her brother sitting very unhappily in his room as she cooed to Janet held in her arms.


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