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Vignettes from a Writer's Den

This clip is an oldie but goodie that still makes me laugh. I almost LOL-ed, but that’s sooo 2015.

Sometimes, when you move from one system to another, let’s say from scrolls to books, you need assistance from the help desk. This happens to Brother Ansgar in this hilarious video classic from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) (2001). A guy from the monastery user support finally arrives: “We’re introducing this new system and everybody wants help immediately.” Sounds familiar? Well worth watching or re-watching.

WordPress Daily Prompt: Archaic

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On My Soap Box

Daily Prompt:  Archaic

As many of you may know I am a huge NASCAR fan.  Beginning in 2017 Monster Energy became the sponsor for the Cup Series.  I didn’t really think much about it, other than one of the drivers they had sponsored had some behavior problems which were quite distasteful.

However, when Monster took over, lo and behold the women reappeared in Victory Lane with their sexy outfits and bare midriffs.   I cannot believe that after promoting Danica Patrick as one who opened doors for women to become race car drivers, NASCAR would go back years to objectifying women.

Make no mistake I am not a Danica Patrick fan.  I do recognize that she was an asset to NASCAR by being the first woman to compete in their premier series.  But, if you remember, Go Daddy was her sponsor and in the beginning, she also participated in commercials that objectified women.  I was happy to see that campaign end.

We teach our children that ideas such as these are archaic and not to be entertained.  We teach our children to have self-respect.  To strive to do more than put on tight clothes and strut your stuff in front of the masses.  During the introductions at the All-Star Race in Charlotte this year, I was embarrassed at how these women walked out with the drivers’ names held high above them as they seductively led them to the stage.

NASCAR has always been promoted as a family sport.  What do I tell my grandson when he asks me why those ladies are walking so funny?  Isn’t this just showing our children that seduction is to be celebrated?

I know there are those who feel that everyone has the right to choose how they want to live their lives and if there are women who don’t care about being thought of as a piece of meat it is there right.  But, can you honestly say that what they are doing for a living is actually contributing to society?  I was taught that it is my responsibility to contribute to society and have taught my children the same thing.

All of the work NASCAR and Danica Patric did to attract women into motorsports has been lost in this archaic, male-dominated, advertising campaign.  I would never purchase a Monster product.  How good could it be if they need sex to sell it?


Do You Ever Lose the Guilt?

Daily Prompt:  Guilty

I was raised by my grandmother from the time I was about 11 years old.  So you can imagine what kind of reactions she had to what was going on in the 1960’s.  I don’t know how many times I heard “they didn’t do that in my day”.  

Couple that with the guilt I developed from my Catholic education.  Don’t misunderstand, I loved going to Catholic school, it’s just there was always a lot of discussion of consequences to doing something wrong.  And it usually had to do with hurting someone’s feelings.  So if I had done something she would not have approved of, I felt her wrath.  Mom had a way about her.  She didn’t yell or scream at you, she just got real quiet.  Believe me, I would rather have had her yelling at me.  

We were always close.  I actually always loved spending time with her.  She was wonderful to me.  I was blessed to have had her come into my life to raise me.  But that being said, I was a normal teenager and pushed the limits like we all do at times.  Needless to say,  when I was grown we had a few laughs over all of it.  Just like I am sure she had with her mom.  

The funniest thing is, the one thing I still feel guilty about is when I wear a dress and don’t have a slip on.  I can hear my mom saying “a lady always wears a slip!”  I still own slips and my girls laugh at me because I wear them.  And my response is simply my mom would be spinning in her grave if I didn’t wear a slip!

Mom had a wonderful sense of humor.  I lost her way too soon.  She died of cancer in 1977 the day before my 26th birthday.  Love you mom. ♥


Mary’s Assumption

Daily Prompt:  Assumption, Disappear

When I hear the word Assumption I automatically think of the Blessed Mother.  Mary was taken up into heaven body and soul after she died and was put in her grave.  This is a feast we Catholics celebrate every August 15th.

When praying the Rosary, the Assumption is one of the Glorious Mysteries that we meditate on.  We reflect on the love Jesus has for His mother, and that while on the cross Jesus gave her to us as our mother too.

I realize that non-Catholics do not believe this.  And no there are no explicit references to this in the Bible.  But dogma of the Church and the belief of Mary’s Assumption are according to scholars who have studied scripture, implicitly referenced.

Sadly today many feasts in the church have disappeared.  Many that were holy days of obligation for Catholics, Mass is no longer necessary.  I am a cradle Catholic.  I went to Catholic elementary school   My school day started with Mass.  I attended Novena’s weekly.  I loved going to church and I loved my faith.

The music during Mass was beautiful.  The churches were beautiful with altar rales and marble columns.  My church had a beautiful fresco painted on the ceiling.  There were majesty and mystery to attending Mass.  You knew you were worshipping God.  The priest said Mass in Latin.  I believe that the disappearance of some of these traditions has caused people to fall away from their faith.

I must admit that the new way of things, post-Vatican II, did cause me to struggle a bit.  It has taken a long time for me to be comfortable again.  My anxiety over these changes is disappearing finally.  Which makes me happy.


One-Liner Wednesday-Auto Correct Conundrum


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I tried to say, “I’m a functional adult,” but my phone changed it to “fictional adult,” and I feel like that’s more accurate.

Can I just say that I hate auto correct on my phone and tablet?  I can’t tell you how many times I try to read something I have put on my tablet and can’t understand what I wrote.  Then I realize that autocorrect has struck again.  

I have sent texts to people only to realize after “Delivered” appears on my phone that auto correct has changed something and it doesn’t make any sense.  My kids laugh at me and insist that I am just inept when it comes to texting.  

I have turned auto correct off several times on my phone, but mysteriously it turns back on.  I am beginning to think Gracie is changing the settings while I sleep.  I am not sure how she does it with those tiny paws of hers, but there is no other explanation.  🙂