Happy Yellow

Today’s One Word Sunday” word is Yellow.

Photo from Clipart Library

I am not really a fan of Yellow. I could never wear the color so I have spent most of my time avoiding it. Add to that the color attracts bees. I am allergic to bee stings. So, I keep my distance. We had a pool when we were raising our kids so we spent many summer hours in the backyard. The only flowers I used around the pool were marigolds. The bees don’t like them.

When I see the daffodils blooming I know the long winter has ended. They make me happy and I fall in love with yellow for a while. It’s like the daffodils are looking at me playing the trumpet announcing the warm weather is on its way. And that nature is awakening and getting ready to color our world leaving the white blankets behind. Don’t get me wrong, I think that winter is beautiful in its own way too.

It’s Easter today and no Easter would be complete without a peep or two. Dollar Tree had stuffed peeps this year and I just had to have one, well actually I got three! A pink one and a blue one too. LOL And of course the original color was yellow. It’s a shame they didn’t make the original peep which was the chick. I can just hear my kids when I leave this world talking about all the crazy things I have accumulated.

Here’s the whole gang of peeps!

This was a fun challenge and I appreciate that all of you wonderful people here on WordPress run these challenges. It helps me with my blogging so much.

Happy Easter to all and I wish you all of the blessings Christ has to give you during this Easter Season.