Who Am I?

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #214

The image is from Viktor Forgacs at Unsplash.
Where did all my pieces go?
My arm and hands and pretty hair bow?
My face is dirty.
My eyes are dim.
What has happened to me is a sin.

All alone lying here,
To fade away unnoticed.
My hair a fright, my makeup smeared.
My clothes!  Who knows where?
What has happened to the life I knew?

I was a star, once upon a time.
A perfect damsil, a down right doll.
My favorite color, pink for sure.
My favorite guy was handsome Ken.
Where is he now I'd like to know?

I guess my fame has run its course.
There'll be others I have no doubt.
But will they, can they grab the hearts of young girls?
Who knows? 
Because there is only one Barbie!

The Perfect Shot

Photo from WordPress Free Media Library from Pexels.

Today’s post is a collection of several prompts today. They are from:

Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 16th, 2023-optimism

FOWC with Fandango — Meddlesome

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #202

The Word of the Day is Altitude

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Milieu- January 16, 2023

Carol grew up in an artist milieu without concern for an orderly environment. That’s not to say her place was always a mess, but she sometimes didn’t concern herself with the meddlesome chores of housework. After all, there was never enough time for all the photos she was drawn to take.

She would often jump out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to plan her daily photo shoot. She was always full of optimism then. Sitting at her little table while sipping her coffee, she would decide which side of town to stroll and maybe even settle on a theme for the day. Oh, how she loved to capture her subjects on film.

Sometimes she would venture out of town and drive to the mountains where the altitude opened up to the serenity of nature. Trees were one of her favorite subjects. They told a story for her. How wrinkled the bark looked let her know if the tree had lived a hard life being beaten by the weather or an easy one sheltered from it. If there was a caring into the bark showing all that the spot was a favorite place of two lovers. The colors and brilliance of the leaves told the story of its seasons. Oh, how she loved to capture these elements on film.

Full of optimism for catching that perfect shot, she couldn’t wait to start her day. Finishing her coffee, she hurriedly dressed, glanced over at her unmade bed, and the messy room, grabbed her camera, and she was gone off to pursue the magic her camera provided.