Who Needs the Fluff?


Today’s word is “succinct.”  Fandango has filled the void when the Daily Prompt ended.  To join in, click the link for the rules.

Over the years I have had to attend many conferences for my nursing certifications.  I held certifications in Critical Care, Trauma, and Emergency.  I never minded going to them as I enjoyed meeting other nurses from different hospitals and cities.  It was also a way to compare hospitals and benefits.

What I didn’t like were those speakers who engaged in long explanations.  It used to drive me crazy.  I would find myself starting to fall asleep.  I loved my job and never thought it was boring, but some people just shouldn’t be doing public speaking.

There is nothing boring about critical care, trauma, or emergency nursing.  It’s fast-paced, often hard work, exciting, and satisfying.  Knowing you have made a difference in the outcome of someone’s life after illness or injury gives you a wonderful feeling.  Doctors may order the treatments, but nurses are with the patients all the time and they carry out doctors orders.  So, with all this excitement, how can a conference on the subjects be boring?

I learn best from speakers who give information succinctly  They get to the point without all the fluff.  I remain engaged and have never gotten the least bit bored or sleepy during a conference that was presented in this fashion.  I wish more nurses would spend more time learning the art of public speaking if they plan to be teaching.


Fox In the Henhouse


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge’s word for today is “Notorious

“Have you heard who’s going to be visiting the plant tomorrow?” John asked his coworker, Bill.  “No who’s coming?” answered Bill.  “Sonny Mission”, said John.  Bill looked at John and shook his head saying “I have never heard of him.”

John went on to tell Bill that Sonny Mission was the most notorious thief in the state.  He is coming to show us how vulnerable we are to break-ins.  Bill couldn’t believe that they would actually pay a crook to come into their plant and give them advice.

Sonny Mission walked into the plant.  He had a smug smile on his face and wasn’t very friendly.  The employees didn’t really like him very much and even felt uneasy in his presence.  But they kept their feelings to themselves because they wanted to support the plant’s owner.

Sonny walked along pointing out the plant’s vulnerabilities.  The owner was surprised that his plant was easy to be broken into.  After shaking Sonny Mission’s hand, the owner said his thanks and goodbyes.

That evening after all the shifts had finished for the day and the lights were out, there was a sudden movement in the back of the plant.  What could it be?  The night watchman heard it, but could not see anything.  He had a funny feeling about it though.  He called the police.

The police arrived and methodically walked through the plant.  As they rounded a corner they saw a man who was collecting computer parts.  The police approached the man with their guns pointing at him.  The thief stopped what he was doing.  He slowly turned and lo and behold it was Sonny Mission.

The night watchman could not believe that he had snuck back into the plant to steal from a man who had paid him well for his advice.  He hated to be the one to call the owner because he knew he would be embarrassed for trusting Sonny.

The owner arrived at the plant soon after he received the call.  It was a good thing the police had already taken Sonny to the station.  After looking at everything it was good to see nothing had been taken thanks to the night watchman.

The owner, shaking his head said, “Asking a thief for tips against theft is like asking a fox to guard the henhouse.”


Hidden Adgendas


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge’s word for today is “hidden

Don’t you love how some people show up acting helpful when the real reason they are there is to meet a need of their own? Most of the time it doesn’t matter as long as the task at hand gets done. But, there are times when a hidden agenda is unacceptable.

Take politicians for example. They run on a platform, get elected then throw that platform away.  Not only have they lied to their constituents, but they have shown themselves to have no honor.  What I don’t understand is why so many of them get reelected.

While working as a nurse for many years, I was witness to many family dynamics playing out in my patient’s room. The worst of it involved the use of children as pawns in parental disputes. I was privy to disappointments from parental promises that never materialized.

Hidden agendas don’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes there are reasons why they exist. Giving a surprise party or planning a special dinner are two examples of harmless agendas.  We have all been guilty of having one or two of them.

As far as I am concerned, it is better to be upfront with people.  To be honest about how and why you are doing something.  To be genuine when you volunteer and to be charitable while doing it.




FOWC with Fandango — Placate, Tropical, Simple, Picayune


t was getting late. The children in Miss Sally’s class had reached the limit of waiting. Miss Sally called down to the principal’s office to find out what the hold up was. The surprise had arrived late but was on the way to her classroom now, she turned to the children and gave a thumbs up.

Soon there was a knock on the door. One of the students got up to answer it. He opened the door there stood a beautiful Golden Retriever. He had a jacket on that said his name was Max. The child squealed with delight. He looked into the hallway to find out who had brought Max to school. There was no one there.  He invited Max in.

Max was a very sweet dog. He loved the children. He let them pet him and he would placate them with simple tricks for treats which he had in a pocket in his jacket. Miss Sally was smiling because the surprise was having the desired effect on her class. This was her introduction to learning responsibility about animals.

The children realized that there was a stranger standing in the front of the class with Miss Sally. Mr. Henry had joined Max and was enjoying the sight. The children had a ton of questions for him. How old is Max? What does he eat? Where does he sleep? The usual picayune questions third graders ask. Mr. Henry answered all of their questions.

Mr. Henry began to talk about adopting pets because there were so many animals that needed homes. The children sat very still and listened to how Mr. Henry had come to have Max.

I was on a trip in the Caribbean to an island called St. Lucia. As I walked along the beach, I saw a wet dirty dog running toward me. A site I had never expected to see on this tropical beach. When he reached me he began jumping around as if he wanted me to play with him. I couldn’t help but play with him.

As I headed back to my hotel, I realized he was following me. I asked the attendant if he knew who’s dog it was. He told me that he was a stray that hung around the hotel. Sometimes he got fed from the kitchen. but often begged the beachgoers for food.  That made me very sad because he was alone with no one to love him.

Mr. Henry explained the Caribbean had had terrible hurricanes that destroyed many homes. People could not take care of their pets anymore and they had to let them go.  It was taking a long time to rebuild. If you were not at a tourist area the island was pretty bare.  I decided to adopt Max.  It would help the dog,  but would also take one stray from the streets of St. Lucia.  A win-win!  It took a lot of paperwork, but I was able to bring Max home. He has been my companion ever since.

The children were happy to learn about pet adoption and thanked Mr. Henry for bringing Max to school. The kids asked if he could visit them again.




FOWC With Fandango — Primitive

Costume Historian

The Primitive Woman

Sitting by the fire stitching
Late at night a labor of love
She provides her families wardrobe
With tedious work that strains her eyes.

Up in the morning before sunrise
Her day begins with cooking a meal
Feeding and dressing the children
Then out the door by her husband’s side.

Working the fields
They laugh with each other.
Their lives intertwined
Never to part.

Her faith in God is taught by example
With prayer, kindness, and love.
She teaches her children reading and writing
There are no schools for them to attend.

Hard work and long days
For the family she loves.
Finding joy in the struggles
Of the life, she leads.

A primitive woman
Lives a primitive life
I’m thankful I’m a modern woman
Living a modern life.


Written in response to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC).  Fandango has started this prompt to take the place of the Daily Prompt from WordPress.  Click the link if you would like to join in.

FOWC With Fandango — Skedaddle

Bobby and Joey walked along the dirt road throwing sticks for Champ to chase and retrieve. Champ was Bobby’s Golden Retriever and constant companion.

It was a hot day and the boys were arguing about who could throw a stone the farthest. Deciding to find out, they each found the right sized stone. Bobby threw his first. It landed in the middle of the road. He ran up to it and marked the distance with a stick before Champ could get it.

It was Joey’s turn to throw his stone. He wound up, took aim and threw his stone. It landed on the side of the road. He ran up to it reached to grab a stick and stopped in his tracks. Right next to the stick he was going to pick up was a copper head. The snake was lying there sunning itself. Knowing that the snake was poisonous he skedaddled.

Bobby and Champ caught up to him wondering why he had run away. Joey explained, of course, Bobby and Champ had to go investigate. Joey yelled after them not to get too close. As they approached the snake it began to slither back into the shelter of the woods. It wanted nothing to do with Champ and Bobby.

The boys, excited about seeing the snake, headed home. They couldn’t wait to share their news. Joey’s mom celebrated their safety by making peanut butter sandwiches and lemonade.




FOWC With Fandango — Inertia

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Phones without wires
Mail without stamps
Computers with webs
Books without paper
What nonsense is this?

Just progress,
Intervention, and very cool.
Tweeting, texting, snapping
Has become the rule.

Facebook and My Page
Is where friends now gather.
Graphics and emojis
A language like no other.

Can this be right?
Have we gone too far?
Will I ever get all this straight?
Do I care?

I’ll keep my telephone
Hooked to the wall.
Books with Dogeared pages,
I’ve loved for so long.

I’ll send letters
With stamps through the post.
Webs! No thank you
I hate them the most.

I’ll visit my friends
In person you see
Those hugs on Facebook
Don’t give the same squeeze.

Call me
Old Fashioned
But see, I like the way
Things were in my teens!

Thanks to Fandango of This, That, And The Other for starting this one-word challenge. He has stepped up to fill the vacancy left by the Daily Post closing its doors.