FOWC With Fandango — Inertia

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Phones without wires
Mail without stamps
Computers with webs
Books without paper
What nonsense is this?

Just progress,
Intervention, and very cool.
Tweeting, texting, snapping
Has become the rule.

Facebook and My Page
Is where friends now gather.
Graphics and emojis
A language like no other.

Can this be right?
Have we gone too far?
Will I ever get all this straight?
Do I care?

I’ll keep my telephone
Hooked to the wall.
Books with Dogeared pages,
I’ve loved for so long.

I’ll send letters
With stamps through the post.
Webs! No thank you
I hate them the most.

I’ll visit my friends
In person you see
Those hugs on Facebook
Don’t give the same squeeze.

Call me
Old Fashioned
But see, I like the way
Things were in my teens!

Thanks to Fandango of This, That, And The Other for starting this one-word challenge. He has stepped up to fill the vacancy left by the Daily Post closing its doors.


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