FOWC With Fandango — Skedaddle

Bobby and Joey walked along the dirt road throwing sticks for Champ to chase and retrieve. Champ was Bobby’s Golden Retriever and constant companion.

It was a hot day and the boys were arguing about who could throw a stone the farthest. Deciding to find out, they each found the right sized stone. Bobby threw his first. It landed in the middle of the road. He ran up to it and marked the distance with a stick before Champ could get it.

It was Joey’s turn to throw his stone. He wound up, took aim and threw his stone. It landed on the side of the road. He ran up to it reached to grab a stick and stopped in his tracks. Right next to the stick he was going to pick up was a copper head. The snake was lying there sunning itself. Knowing that the snake was poisonous he skedaddled.

Bobby and Champ caught up to him wondering why he had run away. Joey explained, of course, Bobby and Champ had to go investigate. Joey yelled after them not to get too close. As they approached the snake it began to slither back into the shelter of the woods. It wanted nothing to do with Champ and Bobby.

The boys, excited about seeing the snake, headed home. They couldn’t wait to share their news. Joey’s mom celebrated their safety by making peanut butter sandwiches and lemonade.



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