Who Am I?

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #214

The image is from Viktor Forgacs at Unsplash.
Where did all my pieces go?
My arm and hands and pretty hair bow?
My face is dirty.
My eyes are dim.
What has happened to me is a sin.

All alone lying here,
To fade away unnoticed.
My hair a fright, my makeup smeared.
My clothes!  Who knows where?
What has happened to the life I knew?

I was a star, once upon a time.
A perfect damsil, a down right doll.
My favorite color, pink for sure.
My favorite guy was handsome Ken.
Where is he now I'd like to know?

I guess my fame has run its course.
There'll be others I have no doubt.
But will they, can they grab the hearts of young girls?
Who knows? 
Because there is only one Barbie!

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