Another Day At The Dollar

Things Challenge #M294

Today’s words are LAX, LAPSE, and TIRED.

Yesterday was Easter and I had to work. It’s mind-boggling to me why a dollar store had to be open on such a holy day but it was. I can’t say it was financially beneficial, but it’s not my company.

One of the things I grow tired of at work is the total lack of discipline displayed by parents with their children. Yesterday, for instance, a woman was shopping with two young boys about 5 or 6 years old. Now, first of all, it was Easter and I am sure that those boys would rather have been home enjoying an Easter egg hunt, but their mom had to go shopping.

As this woman was standing in line to pay for her purchases her boys were taking everything off of the shelves by the register. She just kept saying, pick that up! She never moved. There was product all over the floor. Then the boys took pool noodles out of the box and were having a sword fight which further knocked more stuff all over the floor. Again, she just kept yelling put that away.

Needless to say, if they had been my children, I would have given them a swift slap on their bottoms and made them clean up their mess. I also would not have gotten them the sweet treats momma had for them. But that is me. After all the yelling by the mother, and after her bill was paid the three of them left the store leaving behind a mess.

In what world is this acceptable behavior? I am so weary of the lapse in the discipline of parents today. Don’t they realize that these kids are going to grow up and become our future? How will they function if they don’t learn respect and discipline? My cashier and I just shook our heads and cleaned up the mess.

I had a nice surprise yesterday, my daughter Samantha and her husband Stephen stopped in to say Happy Easter. I am a lucky mom for sure.