Catching Up

pensitivity101Three Things Challenge #M289

The three words for today are SECRET, HIDDEN, and STASH.

Work has been busy the past few months. More and more responsibility has been transferred to me. So I have been offline for over a month, which I can’t believe. Time passes so quickly as we get older.

As the full-time assistant manager, I train new people, recover the store, return the collected products to the shelves, clean the bathrooms, take the trash out, give exceptional customer service, pack away seasonal products not sold, process damaged products, accept deliveries, respond to the cashier’s call for backup, process exchanges, check large bills, and many other issues that come up including working by myself until closing if my cashier calls out.

The thing is, I like my job, and have no problem with doing hard work. I do, however, have a problem with the hidden agenda the company has adopted to get more work completed with fewer people to do it. It sets up a situation for failure. Know what I mean?

I have also been busy at home going through the fabric stash I have accumulated over the years. I have not had much time to quilt. So I have decided to part with much of it. I have contacted the guilds to donate some fabric to their outreach projects. Once I clear out some of it, I will feel more like sewing again. Right now, in my apartment, it just seems overwhelming.

I have also had some health issues arise. I have had trouble with my hands and have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My physician is being aggressive with my treatment to help slow its progress. The only problem is I have to go to her office for injections. She is about two hours away. It gets complicated with my work schedule. But I have been with this rheumatologist since 2002, and am more than pleased with her care, so I have no desire to start over with a new doctor.

My secret desire is to sell everything I have, buy a small travel trailer and become a nomad. There is so much of this country I would love to see. I keep watching the reviews on the teardrop trailers on your tube. If I only had the nerve to pack Gracie and me up and take off. When I mention this to my son, he just laughs and says “You are not going to live in a teardrop.”

I can dream!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Nice post. I know what you mean about less people to do more work. I’ve had that. The irony when I left my last three jobs was that they hired two or three people to do what I did. Hope you get the chance to travel, even if it is only for a few weeks. Thanks for joining in.

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