One Liner Wednesday

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Here is the prompt for Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday.

I must have made a wrong turn.

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Daily Prompt: Grasp

The boy wondered aimlessly trying to grasp what had happened to his world.  It was just yesterday that his father was playing catch with him.  They had laughed and kidded each other.  His dad was his best friend.  What would he do now if he had a problem?  Who could he turn to?

He had heard someone say that your life can change in a blink of an eye.  He had no reference point for this concept until today.  His dad had gone to bed last night and never woke up.  Why?  He kept trying to figure all of this out.

His mother was sad.  His sister was sad.  But he was just angry.  He felt guilty about being mad his dad had died.  How could this have happened?  Dad was supposed to be around forever.

He finally looked up and saw that there were a lot of cars parked in front of his house. Where did they all come from?  As he walked into the house he saw so many friends and family members all busy making food and answering the phone.  He felt a little out of sync with the activity going on.

He sat down and just watched and listened.  Someone had handed him a sandwich and a drink.   He looked down and wondered where it had come from.  Taking a bite he realized that he had not eaten all day.  The food tasted good, but he usually had lunch with his dad on the weekends.  All of a sudden he lost his appetite.

Visitors continued to come by till the sun went down.  His mom had to go to the funeral home to make arrangements for his dad’s burial.  The boy shuddered.  He just could not imagine his dad being put into the ground.

His mother came home and called he and his sister to come talk with her.  She explained that there was going to be a funeral in a couple of days.  It was the time to say goodbye to their dad.  The boy told his mom that he didn’t want his dad put into the ground.  His mom smiled and told the boy that his dad was not going into the ground.  That his dad was in heaven.  Only his body was left.  She told him that his dad would be with him every day of his life and that because his dad had died didn’t mean he didn’t love him.

That night in bed, when the house was very quiet the boy was thinking about his dad.  He could almost hear his dad’s voice tell him good night.  He said goodnight to his dad and smiled as he drifted off to sleep.


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The Dance Competion

What a great weekend we had for the competition.  We saw some awesome dancers with great choreography.  We came back to the hotel last night exhausted.  It was a very long day.  We decided to stay another night and we are moving a little slow this morning.

At breakfast, we noticed it had started raining.  I hate driving in the rain.  I’m glad I don’t have to do it.


This is Alannah’s Group Jazz Dance.  they got Emerald.


This is the Group Clogging Dance.  They got Ruby.


This is the Group Tap Dance.  They got Ruby.

My pictures of the Hip Hop routine didn’t come out.  They got Emerald.

We are so proud of Alannah and her fellow dancers.  They did a wonderful job at this competition.  I am so blessed to be able to share this part of Alannah’s life.  We are making great memories.



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First Day of Dance Competition

We are back in our hotel room and Alannah is already asleep.  She did spectacularly today in her clogging solo.  She won a trophy.  She only competed in one dance today, but tomorrow will be a very long day for us.  She competes in four group dances.

Here is the Competition my granddaughter Alannah is dancing in this weekend.



Here is Alannah at the beginning of her dance.  I had to sneak this picture.  They don’t like it when you take pictures during the competition.  However, the sign said no video.  I only grabbed this still photo.



This is Alannah onstage to get her trophy.  She took third in her category Emerald.



I just love to watch her dance.  She will be ten this July and she has been competing since she was five.  She loves it.


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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 9, 2018



Driving around Cary North Carolina.






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Color Your World


Tourmaline’s Week 10 Challenges: March 4– March 10 (OWPC, WW & CYW)

















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C’est la vie!

Daily Prompt:  Uncompromising

Happy International Women’s Day!

I have just spent a wonderful week at my good friend Sue’s house.  We had such a good time.  We sewed, we shopped, we laughed until we cried.  There is nothing so special than spending time with a good friend is there?

I drove out to her home in Cary last Wednesday.  The ride was so pretty.  The ornamental pear trees were in full bloom.  I couldn’t believe that the blossoms were gone today when I drove home.  The leaves have taken over their place.  I wish they would bloom longer.

Have you ever met someone who was so uncompromising that it made being in their company intolerable?  I came into contact with a woman this past weekend that just drove me to complete exasperation.  I only heard the interaction was not a part of it.

I was shopping with my friend in a fabric store.  As we were looking at fabric, I couldn’t help but overhear this woman and her companion talking.  No matter what the one woman said or suggested, the other was just rigid in her ideas.  They apparently were going to do a joint project of some sort.  Lady one would suggest a color or fabric type, the other would not budge in her opinion.  As the conversation continued their voices got louder.

I thought to myself that I would find it very difficult to work with someone who was not willing to compromise on anything. There is so much to be learned by the art of compromise.  Joint projects are an opportunity for growth and sharing.  I thought that it was so sad that this woman was not smart enough to take advantage of the situation.  C’est la vie!



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