My Weekend With Isabella

Daily Prompt:  Prickle

I spent the weekend in Miami visiting with my son, daughter in law and my 18-month old granddaughter.  I had a wonderful time.  Isabella just loves to walk around the building they live in.  I walked about five miles just inside the building my son’s condo is in.

I drove over on Friday evening getting there about 5 PM.  Although I face time with Isabella all the time, she was acting shy with me.  I quickly learned that if I took her for a walk in the building and let her go on the elevator she would warm up to me in a jiffy.

On Saturday we went to the Children’s Museum of Miami.  What a wonderful place. The museum is hands on for the children.   Right now there is a Dinosaur exhibit for them. With the cutest display of moving dinos and a lot of things for the kids to play with to learn about the animals.  Carnival Cruise Lines sponsored a huge area that is like the ship’s decks.  There are a bank and an emergency room and hospital too.  So much for the children to play with while they learn about their world.

The food store chain, Publix, has a huge grocery store where the kids can shop for all kinds of food and then go through a checkout.  There are little green vests for the kids to wear just like the real Publix.  Here’s a picture of my little Isabella sitting on the cow in Publix with her daddy.


Some of the food in the food store at the museum gave me a prickly sensation when I touched it.  Didn’t bother the kids though.  It was so funny to watch all of the kids shopping and sharing the food on the shelves.  Once all of the food was off the shelves, the workers at the museum and some of the parents began organizing the area again. Isabella loved putting the stuff from her little shopping cart back onto the shelves.

We had a wonderful time at the museum.  Last time I was in Miami we went to the Miami Zoo.  It was way too hot to go there over the weekend this time.  On Sunday we went to church and just hung around the house.  We had a wonderful Peruvian supper that was delivered to the house by a near by restaurant.  I headed back to Orlando around 5 PM.  I hated to leave that baby.  She is growing up so quickly.


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Flower of the Day

Calla Lily- Monday, August 14, 2017


Calla Lilies are planted on each side of the main doors at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Orlando, FL.  I love these flowers, they remind me of my grade school days at St. Francis of Assisium in Trenton, New Jersey.  We always carried them in a procession on Holy Thursday evening.


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One-Liner Wednesday – An Unexpected Twist

One-Liner Wednesday – An Unexpected Twist

nf-badge-1linerweds-2017 - Copy


Picture from Linda G. Hill

Don’t you just hate it when you are reading a really good book and someone tells you how it ends, or when you are watching a movie and someone tells you what happens, or when you are going to a new store and someone just has to let you know what they have and if it’s any good; Beware of the spoiler.  dun dun dun…Spoiler Attack!!!


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The Weekly Smile-Week 84

The Weekly Smile Week 84


I have had a lot to smile about this week.  I will be seeing my granddaughter next week when I drive over to Miami.  I’ll spend the weekend with them.

I spent Sunday in Animal Kingdom at Disney World with my friend Dottie, her son Brandon and her granddaughter Alyssa.  I had not seen Brandon for years and had never met his daughter.  She is a beautiful sweet girl and so enjoyed getting to know her and spend time with her and her dad.   We had a wonderful day together.


We were on the Safari ride and I spotted this guy looking through the branches of the tree at us.  All we could see was his head.  I couldn’t resist taking the shot and every time I look at it I smile.


Alyssa is just beginning a college program at Disney.  She’s looking forward to making many friends and many memories during her internship.  I will be here with Dottie and Frank for about two more weeks.  Frank is almost back to where he was before his surgeries and is doing great.  Dottie is beginning a new chapter in her life and I will head home soon.


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Flower of the Day-Wednesday


I took this shot in Animal Kingdom at Disney on Sunday.  I have no idea what it is, but I love it.


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Tortureous Eating

Daily Prompt:  Spicy

I am not a fan of spicy food.  Or I should say, of hot spicy food  I have always equated spicy with hot but I guess that’s not accurate.  I use many spices when I cook, but hot tasting spices I stay away from.

It is inconceivable to me why anyone would want to suffer while eating.  I associate eating with pleasure, not pain.  I guess that for those of you who love to indulge on a tear producing hot dish, you find it pleasurable.

I can remember when my son was a little boy.  Maybe 4 or so.  We went took the kids to Disney World.  He kept seeing the signs along the highway for Popeye’s Chicken.  Finally, after listening to him say he wanted to eat at Popeye’s we gave in.  He said that the chicken was a little hot, but he liked it.  Personally, it was too much for my tender GI tract and my youngest wouldn’t even try it.  After our lunch, we proceeded to the park where we had a delightful day.  It was the next morning when the full effects of Popeye’s Chicken were felt.  My poor little boy was sitting on the commode crying as the spicy chicken made its way out of his little body.  Needless to say, he never wanted Popeye’s Chicken again.

I don’t get it.  My husband used to tell me that when he was young and his dad worked evening shift on weekends he would stay up until he got home and eat hot peppers with him.  He loved how they tasted going in,  but hated how it felt in when they exited. But he kept eating them.

Maybe I have done my family a disservice by not cooking hot spicy food.  I may have denied them the experience of international cuisine.  If so I apologize.  Somehow it goes against my maternal instinct to cause pain while eating.

You will never find hot spices on the spice carousel in my kitchen.  My recipes don’t include things like Cayenne Pepper or Extra Hot Cajun Seasoning.  Just thinking about these things gets the acid churning in my stomach.  For those of you who enjoy these dietary tortures enjoy.



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Daily Prompt:  Amble

I spent the day yesterday with my friend Dottie, her son Brandon and her granddaughter Alissa ambling through Animal Kindom at Disney World here in Orlando, Florida.  We had a wonderful time.  I love to see all of the animals that are in the park as well as going on the rides.  The new ride in Pandora is unbelievable.  That’s all I will say on the matter because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not ridden on it yet.  I am always so impressed with the technology and ingenuity that Disney puts into their attractions.

Did I mention that my friend Dottie is retiring from Disney, Animal Kingdom to be specific, on Wednesday?  So over the years, every trip to the park with her is always filled with many introductions to other cast members on the job.  Whoever she takes to the park is privy to an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the animals and the trivia related to Animal Kindom.  Her shimmering love for both the animals and her career is evident by her desire to enhance your visit with these nuances.

Dottie has never been one to take her responsibilities at work casually.  Even in her first career with Western Electric.  She has always had a very strong work ethic.  Dottie has always been a teacher of sorts in the form of training in both of her careers.

We have been friends since our junior year in high school.  Almost fifty years!  I can remember thinking that I would be ancient when I was fifty.  Now, I just feel blessed to have had a wonderful friend for that long.  We were in each other’s weddings.  She is godmother to my daughter and Aunt Dottie to all of my children.  We were partners in crime (as Mom would say) in our teens. She called my mom and dad, Mom and Dad and I called her mom Mom.  Our friendship has weathered enormous joy, great loss, sadness, happiness and separation of time and distance.  And now I will share with her a new chapter in her life.  Retirement.  Anyone who has retired after working since their teens knows that although we work toward retirement, and for retirement and want retirement, it is a difficult transition.  So I will have the honor of celebrating this special day with Dottie, her husband Frank and her Disney family on Wednesday by attending her retirement party.

As we left the park last night, to the symphony of screams and laughter I looked at Dottie smiling, tired from the day, but happy she had shared her home of the last 19 years with us.    It was the last time she would be hosting family and friends as a cast member at Disney.  Who ever takes her place in the park will have so very much to live up to.

I love you, Dottie.  Happy Retirement.



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