No Nonsense – Saturday Mix, 21 January 2023

The nonsense word this week is “polershmett”

Polershmett: (n) bad luck, misfortune, bad karma

Image from Opencllipart
The store was so crowded
It figures I thought 
I was late getting started 
What polershmett! I thought. 

How I hate big crowds 
It's always so loud. 
You can't find a thing! 
Because of the crowd. 

I glanced at my list 
Devising a plan 
To obtain all the things 
I had written down. 

The aisles I traveled
Grabbing this and that 
Weaved out and in 
Between carts laden with kids, food, and gin.

Oh polershmett! Why today? 
My cell phone ringing 
I answer and shout 
I'm on my way!
I felt a little guilty 
For telling a lie. 
Not sure why I did it 
Wishful thinking I guess. 

I started thinking
About the gin
I will need a drink after 
this shopping nightmare I'm in!

When finally I arrived 
At the end of my quest 
I got in line to settle my debt. 

What did I forget? I wondered
I went over my list reassured after checking 
I had gotten it all 
I'm done. 

What polershmett I'm having 
His register had just broken. 
Sorry, ma'am, he said to me 
You'll have to move to another line, please. I'm closing
I scowled at the guy that 
was making me move 
to another long line 
which one should I choose? 
With the luck, 
I am having I'll be here all day. 

What's this I see? A new line opening.
Oh good, I think.  I'll be set free.
Then a crowd of shoppers came rushing up to the front
Before I could move a new line had formed. 

And here I still stand Losing my mind.
What did I do to deserve this bad luck?