Where’s The Coffee?

Yesterday I had to stop at the store on my way home to pick up coffee and sparkling water. I was late getting out of work and was meeting some friends for supper. Lidl being between work and home, I gave the store a chance. I had some of Lidl’s water while visiting a friend and liked it. According to my friend, the price was much better than what I had been paying for my usual choice.

First, you guessed it, there were no shipping carts inside the store. I walked back outside of the store to grab a shopping cart.

Second, I started scanning the labels on top of the aisles for one that listed coffee. I walked up and down each of the aisles but I couldn’t find coffee. What?

Thankfully, I had found the water I was looking for and picked that up while on my coffee search. I reached the front of the store and still had not found the coffee, so I asked the cashier where it was. He told me what aisle it was on, then off I went to get the coffee.

I didn’t see any coffee. I was thinking to myself, I am in the twilight zone. I went up and down that aisle two more times. Finally, someone in a Lidl shirt passed me. I stopped him and asked him “Where is the coffee?” He looked at me like I was on a bad trip and then pointed to the shelves in front of where I was standing. The problem was the coffee was completely hidden behind a display of stacked boxes, I looked at him and said, “You’re kidding, right?”

He began to walk away. I almost lost it. I asked him how he expected me to get to the coffee. I actually think he was considering telling me he had no idea, but after doing a quick study of my face, he decided to move the display out of my way. I was thinking to myself, “what genius had placed those boxes there in the first place?” Probably him!

3 thoughts on “Where’s The Coffee?

  1. I think they hide items we want so that we will spend more time in the store. The more time spent in the store, the greater the chance that we will “impulse buy”…..I’ve never heard of Lidl – what makes their coffee and water better than most?

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    1. I needed coffee, so was going to pick that up when I got the sparkling water. They have a large package, 12 cans for 2/$5.00 which is a really good price. Since I had liked it when I had it at a friends I decided to get my sparkling water there. Everything has gotten so expensive!

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