Share Your World April 2, 2018


It’s that time again for another one of Cee’s Share Your World.  Here are her questions and my answers.  🙂

What was or is your favorite cartoon?  I don’t know if I have a favorite cartoon.  I guess that would include animated movies right?  I would say, Finding Nemo.  

Which cooking utensil (other than the usual pots and pans etc) would you miss the most?  I would be totally lost without my instant pot.  I cook on Sunday for the whole week and I use it every week.  I make everything in it.  

Would you dare to sleep in a haunted house overnight?  No, I don’t believe I would want to invade the spirits territory.  

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  The beautiful weather!  It has been warm, sunny and the Carolina Blue sky is as bright as can be.  🙂  


Share Your World

Cee’s Share Your World March 19, 2018


Here are the questions and my answers for Cee’s Share Your World this week.

What is your earliest memory?  My earliest memory is from about three years old.  I remember my mother and I had matching swimming suits with gingerbread men on them.  Mine had a ruffle around the bottom.  I can remember sitting on the step of the kid’s pool at our local LPRA.  

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?  Ahh, this has been the subject of a lot of debate.  In my house, the toilet paper goes over.  When I got married, my husband insisted it go under.  I told him that since I was the one who replaced most often, and cleaned the bathroom, it would go over.  So, our entire marriage the roll went over.  

What makes you feel grounded?  I feel grounded when I go to Mass.  If I miss for one reason or other on Sunday, I feel as though part of me is missing.  Going to church makes me feel as if I am a part of something so much bigger than my small little world.  I feel the love of the Lord deep in my soul.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.  What I really appreciated this past week was having my Gracie home with me.  My dear friend was keeping her while I was away.  Last Tuesday she came home.  She hasn’t left my side since except when she needs to go out.   Here she is.  🙂


Share Your World


Here are the questions and my answers for this weeks’ Share Your World hosted by Cee Neuner.

February 19, 2018 
How do you like your eggs?  In my chocolate cake.  I don’t eat just plain eggs.  I have never been able to tolerate them.  What I think is funny is I never have had a problem with them in food that includes eggs.

Have you ever met anyone famous?  Famous is a relative term.  I have met a few international quilt teachers.  I have met a few Philadelphia Phillies baseball players.  I met President Nixon when I was a kid and he came through Levittown, PA.  Well, he touched my hand, meet is maybe an overstatement.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?  The first thing I bought with my own money was a pair of wool shorts.  I wore them until they fell apart.  🙂

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Early last Wednesday morning I awoke with a terrible pain in my left flank.  The pain was so bad, that it had me nauseated.  I attempted to wait it out to no avail.  Finally, after an hour had passed with no improvement I decided I had better drive myself to the hospital.  It’s only a little over two miles away from me.

Well, that was an exercise in futility.  I made it to my living room and collapsed onto my couch.  I hated to do it but called my daughter so she could take me.  By the time I got into the ER I thought that I was dying.

I was taken very promptly.  Before I knew what hit me they had an IV in my arm, got labs and gave me some IV pain medication and something for nausea.  Once the meds took hold, I was whisked off for a CT Scan.  You guessed it.  I had a Kidney Stone!  I have never had one before.  Being a nurse, I had taken care of many patients with kidney stones.  I thought I had empathy for them.  NOW I have empathy.  I can’t think of much else more painful.

So, what I am most appreciative of this week is that that wonderful doctor ordered pain meds.  That wonderful nurse got an IV in me with one stick that I really didn’t feel, then proceeded to administer the meds.  And lastly, I passed that stone on Saturday!


Cee’s Share Your World


February 5

Here are this week’s questions with my answers.

What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?  I have never fantasized about ways to spend Mondays.  I know that many people have fantasies about not having to start their work week.  But for me working as a nurse on the night shift, Monday’s held no real significance for me.  I often worked on the weekend so Monday was just another day.  Honestly, I would have to say it would be the same as any other fantasy of spending the day on a beach with white sand, warm breezes, gazing out over beautiful blue water reading a good book.

What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?  I would like to be able to say thank you to my husband Gary.  I lost him suddenly in 2016 just one month short of 41 years of marriage.  I didn’t have the chance to tell him all of the things we always think we have the time to say.  I would like to thank him for being the most wonderful father any children could even have and to thank him for spending our marriage doing everything he could possibly do to make me happy.

List your favorite toys or games as a kid?  I loved dolls.  My favorite baby doll was Tiny Tears.  I named her Janet.  Susan was my Gerber Baby.  I still have them.  My favorite stuffed animal was Mr Dog.  He was actually a she and came with three puppies that were zipped up in her back.  One black, one brown and white.  Mr Dog looked like a basset hound with long drooping ears and was the best mommy to her puppies.  I still have her.  One of her puppies has gone missing though.  I got her for my first Christmas in 1951.  In 1957 my Pop Pop took me shopping to Lits Department store in Trenton, New Jersey.  I fell in love with a small blue and white teddy bear.  His left ear squeaked.  He is no longer the pretty blue he once was, but I still have him.  My grandfather died of cancer the following year.  That little Teddy bear still means the world to me.  I also got the first Barbie that came in a black and white striped one-piece bathing suit.  Mine had a dark brown ponytail.  I lost her when we moved from one place to another, but have replaced her with a reproduction.  Lastly, Patty Play Pal was another favorite.  I also lost her, but several years ago an anniversary edition of her was produced.  I had to get her too.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  This past week I got to spend time with some very talented quilters.  One thing about quilters, they are very generous people.  They share their supplies, they share their talents and they share their time.  Since moving down to North Carolina, I have been abundantly blessed by getting to know many of these women who I now number among my friends.



Cee’s Share Your World


SYW Questions for January 15, 2018

Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to….spending a few days with my dear friend Sue this week.  She is coming to the beach for a visit.  We will spend our time together quilting.

What is your favorite comfort snack food?  My all-time favorite comfort food is chocolate ice cream.

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?  When I was in high school, I worked in a factory that made cardboard files.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  



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What one word describes you best? 

I think the word that describes me best is determined.  After my kids read this I’ll know for sure.  Although they continue to say I am just a little bit crazy.  🙂

What is set as the background on your computer? 

Well, to be honest, I can’t see what I have as my background.  I have this terrible habit of covering my desktop with files.  There is just a little bit of Windows blue peeking through the chaos.

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been to?

Back in 1984, I visited Mexico.  Cancuun to be exact.  I went with the girls from work.  Hubby didn’t like to travel so I have not been anywhere else.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  

I feel that I have lost a close friend this past week.  Sue Grafton lost her battle with cancer on December 28th.  She has always been one of my favorite authors.  I just love her Kinsey Milhone private detective character.  She is the heroine of Sue’s  Alphabet Mystery Series.  I haven’t read her last book in the series yet.  It’s Y Is For Yesterday.  I can’t believe there won’t be a Z.  I will always be grateful for the many, many hours we spent together.

When I lose an author that I love, it inspires me to read books that I have on my to be read list quickly.  It’s like I am afraid that if something happens to the author the books will somehow disappear.  See, a little crazy!


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Cee’s Share Your World July 31, 2017


If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts? Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected?

I have had to have my vision corrected.  I wear glasses because I am unable to wear contacts.  I have a few things wrong with my eyes:  amblyopia, glaucoma, cataracts (although these are very small at this time).

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?

Right now I have a dog.  Gracie.  She is a very sweet girl that I adoped on my birthday last year.  Growing up I had cats and dogs and when my kids were young we had both too.  I can’t say which I prefer because I love them both.  And to be honest, I love all animals.

If you were to buy a new house/apartment what is the top three items on your wish list?

For it to be big enough for my grandchildren to come visit.

For it to be big enough for a nice quilting studio.

For it to be close to church.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I was inspired by Fr. John Riccardo’s podcast on Ave Maria Radio, Christ Is The Answer.  I was listening to this while walking the dog.  Fr. Riccardo is the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish in Plymouth, Michigan.   His message is deep, powerful, and connects with listeners on a very personal level.   Listening to him has helped me along my spiritual journey so much.




Share Your World

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Here are my answers.

List some of your favorites types of teas. 

I don’t drink hot tea. I have never really liked it. I do drink iced tea by the gallons. I prefer it decaffeinated, unsweetened, with lemon, and my favorite brand is Luzianne.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

The traffic sign that describes most of my days is Caution. I have a habit of rushing into things before I think them through. I would much rather just do a task once instead of having to repeat it over and over.

What are a couple of things people could do for you on a really bad day that would really help you?

The most valuable thing someone could do for me in this instance is to allow me to vent freely without being judged. I am always able to handle what comes along if I can just talk it out. And make me a cup of coffee. 🙂

Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility: If you could be an athlete what would do do? Remember this is SYW, dreaming is always allowed.

I love to go fast so I would love to be a NASCAR driver. I realize that there is a school of thought that race car drivers are not athletes, but they must be physically fit to withstand the speed and conditions in the car for hours. So, as far as I am concerned, they are definitely athletes.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am most grateful for the progress I have made in my spiritual journey this past week and am looking forward to continuing to onward.