Midnight Hamster Hunt In The Nude

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Written for Linda G. Hills’ One Liner Wednesday:  The F-Word and the

 Daily Prompt:  Invisible

Many years ago I had a pool party for some of my fellow workers.  As the night went on, one of the girls asked if she could go look at the hamsters my kids had.   I told her sure, and that if she wanted one she was welcome to it.  The two hamsters that were supposed to be the same sex, produced eleven or twelve little fur balls.

These little rodents were housed in one of those plastic tunnel habitats and because of our cat, we had it sitting on the bar in our family room instead of my daughter’s room.

All of a sudden Jill comes out and tells me that there are no hamsters in the habitat.  I laughed and told her that that was impossible.  They must all be burrowed down under the nesting material.  She shook her head no, that there were no hamsters in it.

I ran into the family room and sure enough, there was not one of those fur balls in the habitat.  The little buggers chewed right through the plastic!  I looked around quickly but didn’t see anything running around.  I couldn’t believe it.  They weren’t invisible for heaven’s sake.  By now the party was over and everyone was leaving.

After the last person left, I ran out to the pool house and took off my bathing suit and wrapped myself up in a towel.  As I walked back into the house, I saw a little furry thing scurry up my drapes.  I ran for it and caught it.  One down.

I called for hubby to come help me find the critters.  So I don’t know how much time had gone by, but I was on my hands and knees in front of my door scooping up a hamster when I hear a knock on the door. Of course, in my mad hamster hunting, I had neglected to close the inside door.  I look around and see this guy standing there with his mouth open.  I looked down and realized that my towel had come loose.  I almost died.  And so did he.  I got up and ran down the hall calling hubby to handle whatever he needed.

I have laughed over this for years.  🙂






This Week’s Challenges from Tourmaline: March 18 – 24 (OWPC, WW & CYW)




I found this guy sitting outside my front door.  I have no idea what it is.  Maybe some kind of moth?  His head is fuzzy



Look at this face!


Canada Geese.  I love these guys.  I know they can be noisy and messy, but they are comical if you watch them.


The first blooms in my woods.

Color Your World


Week 7, February 11 – 17


This week I have decided to participate in pictures instead of writing.  Unfortunately, I have obtained these photos from the http://www.  I have not had the opportunity to be out shooting pictures recently.  But the colors this week cried out to me to be portrayed in pictures.


Boston Fern



Bluegreen Waters of Honduras



The Goldenrod is but a weed.







Orchid Orchids



Queen Elizabeth of England



Jazzberry Jam Hibiscus


Have a colorful week!


Daily Prompts, and Challenges, and Comfort Zones, Oh My



Image borrowed from PC Tech Magazine


Daily Prompt:  Enroll, Permit, Creature

Since I have moved over to WordPress I have endeavoured to participate in the daily prompts & challenges offered.  I haven’t always been successful.  I mean I had gotten so busy with life I posted little of anything in the recent past.  Well, I am attempting to change that.

I have begun to get back into the blog challenges that I enjoyed taking part in.  Even enrolled in some of the self-help offerings that WordPress makes available to improve my meagre blog offerings.  So permit me to apologize to you at the beginning of this post if they have fallen short in any way.

We are all creatures of habit.  Without realizing it, we gravitate to what is comfortable to us.  Before we know it, what we think of as our style is actually only the limits our comfort zones impose on us.  It is now and has been since I began this journey into the blogosphere with Cookies & Moo to venture outside my comfort zone.  Sometimes I am successful and those are the posts I am most proud of.

I will tell you that my photography has improved with the photo challenges.  So much so that I started a sister site Wanda’s Photography.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look and please by all means let me know what you think.  I love constructive criticism.  I found some very generous bloggers who share tips and tricks about photography and I am so very grateful for their generosity.

I also created Wanda’s Reviews where I post my reviews of the books I have read.  My reading has slowed down a bit over the past year, but look for that to pick up again soon.  Again, your input is welcomed.

Last summer I had written a post in the form of a short story.  I sent it to my daughter (she’s talented and brilliant) who at my request edited it for me and gave me her input.  I decided not to publish it because I thought about turning it into a series of children’s books.  I used to love to write when I was young, but life became so busy with family and career that I gave it up.  But now, I think the time might be right for me to explore moving forward with the series.

I guess my point is that this silly blog has pulled me from what I have become so comfortable doing into exploring other possibilities.  I have met (well communicated with through this vehicle we call blogging) so many wonderful supportive people who have shared their time, talent, and trials most generously.  I am very grateful for their example and it is their example which is pushing me to stretch my blogging abilities.






Share Your World



What one word describes you best? 

I think the word that describes me best is determined.  After my kids read this I’ll know for sure.  Although they continue to say I am just a little bit crazy.  🙂

What is set as the background on your computer? 

Well, to be honest, I can’t see what I have as my background.  I have this terrible habit of covering my desktop with files.  There is just a little bit of Windows blue peeking through the chaos.

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been to?

Back in 1984, I visited Mexico.  Cancuun to be exact.  I went with the girls from work.  Hubby didn’t like to travel so I have not been anywhere else.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  

I feel that I have lost a close friend this past week.  Sue Grafton lost her battle with cancer on December 28th.  She has always been one of my favorite authors.  I just love her Kinsey Milhone private detective character.  She is the heroine of Sue’s  Alphabet Mystery Series.  I haven’t read her last book in the series yet.  It’s Y Is For Yesterday.  I can’t believe there won’t be a Z.  I will always be grateful for the many, many hours we spent together.

When I lose an author that I love, it inspires me to read books that I have on my to be read list quickly.  It’s like I am afraid that if something happens to the author the books will somehow disappear.  See, a little crazy!


Point of View or Magic

Daily Prompt:  Finally

Finally.  That word says so much.  It marks the end of waiting for some anticipated special event.  Is finally relative to the user’s point of view?   Or is there some supernatural process going on?  Because finally isn’t the same for everyone all the time.  For some, it can be waiting for a test result for three days, for others graduating from college after five years.  Doesn’t finally qualify length of time?  If so how can it change?

Throughout my life, I have used the word finally often.  As a small child when time seemed to stand still while I was anticipating something.  I remember my dad telling me that the older you get, the quicker time passes so I shouldn’t wish my life away.  I didn’t believe him then.  As a teenager when I was finally too old to be considered a kid.  As an adult when pregnancies seemed to last forever and my kids at long last grasped an important concept.  But now, in my sixties, I don’t seem to ever say finally about anything.  I am in a perpetual state of catching up.

Time has a habit of creeping up on me.  I don’t understand how time passes so quickly now.  A year is still 365 days long.  And there are still 24 hours in a day.  Right?  How does it happen that the year passes more like 200 days and the days more like 16 hours?  No wonder I am always behind.  Do the days and years really shorten, or is the universe playing tricks on me?  Is there some kind of magic going on?  Or has my perspective changed as I have matured?  One thing for sure, I believe my dad now.  He sure knew what he was talking about.

It’s already the last day of 2017.  I always think that the year will last a long time, but the year is gone in just a blink of an eye. What did I accomplish this year?  I did some quilting.  I took care of a sick friend.  I visited with my family and friends in Florida.  I got rid of an awful lot of stuff…the sad thing is that I will be starting 2018 doing the same thing, getting rid of stuff.  I am starting to wonder if there isn’t someone smuggling stuff into the house and garage just to keep me busy.  How in the world could two people have so much junk?  I guess when I am moved out and have purged all of the stuff I will happily use finally when describing the long process. 🙂

All in all, it’s been a good year for me albeit shorter than last year.

Have a good day,