Daily Prompts, and Challenges, and Comfort Zones, Oh My



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Daily Prompt:  Enroll, Permit, Creature

Since I have moved over to WordPress I have endeavoured to participate in the daily prompts & challenges offered.  I haven’t always been successful.  I mean I had gotten so busy with life I posted little of anything in the recent past.  Well, I am attempting to change that.

I have begun to get back into the blog challenges that I enjoyed taking part in.  Even enrolled in some of the self-help offerings that WordPress makes available to improve my meagre blog offerings.  So permit me to apologize to you at the beginning of this post if they have fallen short in any way.

We are all creatures of habit.  Without realizing it, we gravitate to what is comfortable to us.  Before we know it, what we think of as our style is actually only the limits our comfort zones impose on us.  It is now and has been since I began this journey into the blogosphere with Cookies & Moo to venture outside my comfort zone.  Sometimes I am successful and those are the posts I am most proud of.

I will tell you that my photography has improved with the photo challenges.  So much so that I started a sister site Wanda’s Photography.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look and please by all means let me know what you think.  I love constructive criticism.  I found some very generous bloggers who share tips and tricks about photography and I am so very grateful for their generosity.

I also created Wanda’s Reviews where I post my reviews of the books I have read.  My reading has slowed down a bit over the past year, but look for that to pick up again soon.  Again, your input is welcomed.

Last summer I had written a post in the form of a short story.  I sent it to my daughter (she’s talented and brilliant) who at my request edited it for me and gave me her input.  I decided not to publish it because I thought about turning it into a series of children’s books.  I used to love to write when I was young, but life became so busy with family and career that I gave it up.  But now, I think the time might be right for me to explore moving forward with the series.

I guess my point is that this silly blog has pulled me from what I have become so comfortable doing into exploring other possibilities.  I have met (well communicated with through this vehicle we call blogging) so many wonderful supportive people who have shared their time, talent, and trials most generously.  I am very grateful for their example and it is their example which is pushing me to stretch my blogging abilities.






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