Daily Prompt:  Scamper

Mama has her hands full
As she leads her babies through the door.
It’s their first big adventure
To the outside world.
She teaches them to be alert
While scampering about.
The kittens get so hungry
And tired from their play.
So mama calls them to her
Counting them one by one.
And leads them back into the house
Where lunch is served at once.
With bellies full they snuggle close
Keeping safe and warm.



The World is Thy Ship

Daily Prompt:  Passenger

“The world’s thy ship and not thy home.”  This quote is from St. Therese of Lisieux.  I think that this is a very profound statement about our lives.  We will be here on earth for a relatively short time.

As passengers on this ship, we proceed along our path to eternal life.  What happens here is just a stepping stone for us.  We are charged with taking care of this ship.  To treat it with respect and to share it’s resources because we are only temporary.

We are also charged with love. kindness, charity, and respect toward our fellow man.  To be good to each other and to work together keeping our ship sea worthy.


The New Me

Daily Prompt:  Snack,

I love snacks.  If I had the chance to have a big piece of chocolate cake or a steak dinner, I would choose the cake.  It’s awful to go through life liking junk food so much.  It leads to so many problems.  Obesity, diabetes, back pain, foot problems… The list goes on and on. I am drawn to snack food like a magnet to metal.

Well after going on like this for most of my life.  I have begun to change my eating habits. It’s been difficult, but I have made progress and I am doing much better.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I wasn’t very active as a kid either.  I was clumsy and was terrible in gym class.  I couldn’t hit a ball or catch one for that matter.  I wasn’t a fan of sweating.  About the only thing I did was ride a bike.

Now I walk every day and I am healthier than I have been in years.  I have energy to enjoy my grandchildren and for that I am grateful.


My Dream

Daily Prompt:  Local

I love this time of year when all of the local farmers put their vegetables up for sale at the area farmers markets.  Tomatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, so fresh when you can get them like that.   Dottie and I have really been enjoying the tomato sandwiches and she made a big pot of ham and string beans.  Oh it is delicious.

I always wanted to have a farm.  I would have liked to have cows on my farm.   Especially Holsteins with their black and white spots.  My husband was born in Lancaster County PA in the middle of Amish farms.  Most of the farms are dairy farms.  I fell in love with the with the area and we would visit the area since he had a lot of family there.

I realized after visiting the area that having a farm is more work than I would want to do.  So I had to let my dream go.  We often have to let dreams go, but it’s OK.  I think that’s how we wind up with what we need in our lives.
















The Great Escape

Daily Prompt:  Cringe

Yesterday my friend’s two cats got out of the house while she was helping her husband get out of the house.  He’s still using a walker, but he is getting better every day.  Anyway, after they returned from church they realized that the cats were not in the house.

I got home a little later than they did.  After I went to Mass I went for a ride to take some photographs.  When I got home Dottie told me the cats had gotten out.  I cringed when she told me because she had lost her last cat to one of the hawks that roost in the woods behind her house.  Needless to say, she was beside herself.

Well we had supper and I took Gracie out for her walk.  As I was leaving the house the one cat was attempting to get to the front door.  I was able to catch him and put him in the house.   I looked up to see the other cat sitting right next to the open garage door.  As Gracie ran up to him, the cat ran into the garage.  I called out to Dottie so she would close the door to keep the cat in.  I am so glad that we got those cats in the house.  If we had not found them it would have been a very long night.


Paper Roses

Daily Prompt:  Paper

Does anyone remember the song Paper Roses recorded by Marie Osmond in 1974?  I loved this song.  It came out the year before I was married.  I always thought Marie had a beautiful voice.  I wondered what had happened to her until I began seeing her appear on the TV advertising Nutri System.

I haven’t heard this song in years.  It was the first thing that entered my mind when I saw today’s prompt.  Isn’t that funny?  That song is forty three years old and I don’t think I have thought about it in years.  Here are the lyrics.

I realize the way your eyes deceive me
With tender looks that I mistook for love
So take away the flowers that you gave me
And send the kind that you remind me of

Paper roses, paper roses,
Oh how real those roses seem to me
But they’re only imitation
Like your imitation love for me

I thought that you would be a perfect lover
You seemed so full of sweetness at the start
But like a big red rose that’s made of paper
There isn’t any sweetness in your heart

Paper roses, paper roses,
Oh how real those roses seem to me
But they’re only imitation
Like your imitation love for me

The Park

Daily Prompt:  Loop

I spent yesterday afternoon at a park in Kissimmee.  It is really a lovely place to visit. There is a beautiful lake with trails that go along it.  Many people go there to walk or jog for their daily exercise on the loop around the park.  For the little ones there are a couple of playgrounds with really cute playground equipment.

The gardens are lovely with different plants and flowers.  Many birds stop there on their travels.  Alligators swim freely in the lake too, so wading  or swimming is prohibited. Benches are placed through out the park to sit and people watch.

As I walked around this beautiful place, I noticed that there was a lot of trash thrown onto the ground.  I was saddened that so many people don’t have any respect for this wonderful environment.  I can only imagine what their houses look like.  Just think how much money our communities could save if they did not have to pay people to pick up trash every day.  That money could be used for programs for the needy.

Despite my sadness over the trash thrown carelessly around, I did enjoy my visit to this wonderful spot.