The Great Escape

Daily Prompt:  Cringe

Yesterday my friend’s two cats got out of the house while she was helping her husband get out of the house.  He’s still using a walker, but he is getting better every day.  Anyway, after they returned from church they realized that the cats were not in the house.

I got home a little later than they did.  After I went to Mass I went for a ride to take some photographs.  When I got home Dottie told me the cats had gotten out.  I cringed when she told me because she had lost her last cat to one of the hawks that roost in the woods behind her house.  Needless to say, she was beside herself.

Well we had supper and I took Gracie out for her walk.  As I was leaving the house the one cat was attempting to get to the front door.  I was able to catch him and put him in the house.   I looked up to see the other cat sitting right next to the open garage door.  As Gracie ran up to him, the cat ran into the garage.  I called out to Dottie so she would close the door to keep the cat in.  I am so glad that we got those cats in the house.  If we had not found them it would have been a very long night.


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