My Dream

Daily Prompt:  Local

I love this time of year when all of the local farmers put their vegetables up for sale at the area farmers markets.  Tomatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, so fresh when you can get them like that.   Dottie and I have really been enjoying the tomato sandwiches and she made a big pot of ham and string beans.  Oh it is delicious.

I always wanted to have a farm.  I would have liked to have cows on my farm.   Especially Holsteins with their black and white spots.  My husband was born in Lancaster County PA in the middle of Amish farms.  Most of the farms are dairy farms.  I fell in love with the with the area and we would visit the area since he had a lot of family there.

I realized after visiting the area that having a farm is more work than I would want to do.  So I had to let my dream go.  We often have to let dreams go, but it’s OK.  I think that’s how we wind up with what we need in our lives.
















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