The Park

Daily Prompt:  Loop

I spent yesterday afternoon at a park in Kissimmee.  It is really a lovely place to visit. There is a beautiful lake with trails that go along it.  Many people go there to walk or jog for their daily exercise on the loop around the park.  For the little ones there are a couple of playgrounds with really cute playground equipment.

The gardens are lovely with different plants and flowers.  Many birds stop there on their travels.  Alligators swim freely in the lake too, so wading  or swimming is prohibited. Benches are placed through out the park to sit and people watch.

As I walked around this beautiful place, I noticed that there was a lot of trash thrown onto the ground.  I was saddened that so many people don’t have any respect for this wonderful environment.  I can only imagine what their houses look like.  Just think how much money our communities could save if they did not have to pay people to pick up trash every day.  That money could be used for programs for the needy.

Despite my sadness over the trash thrown carelessly around, I did enjoy my visit to this wonderful spot.






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