First Apartment

I am setting a new record, this is my third post in as many days. I won’t get too excited because I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. You may be wondering why this is such a “big” first for me. After all, it seems like that first should be lost to my memory. I mean, how can you compare first love to this?

This is such a big first for me because I have only been in my first apartment for less than 2 years. Some of my followers may remember me posting that I had moved in back in September 2019 but I thought I would revisit this first.

My husband and I were married for one month short of 41 years. I moved into our home from the home I grew up in. So, I had never lived on my own and it was the last thing I wanted to be doing. But, God has other plans for me. He took Gary home to Him in September 2016. I stayed in the house for a couple of years but I was in the middle of nowhere and my kids were worried about me. So after the hurricane that destroyed a large part of my home I decided to sell it.

My daughter helped me find the apartments I am living in in the city. I have been making it my own since I moved in. I have to tell you though, it is a bit of a struggle, at least at first it was. I was now living away from all of the people I had made friends with. I had to change my church because I am over an hour away from it. I don’t have my quilt guild that I had been a member of since 2005. So I have become a master of adjustments.

What I have gained is my grandchildren are less than 10 minutes away and I see them several times a week. Both of my daughters are close by so we see each other more often. I can walk to the grocery store if I feel like it. I have wonderful neighbors. I can sew when I want, do my photography when I want and do nothing if I want.

I think that the biggest take away from this situation that was forced upon me is that I now know I can do it. I am happy, I am busy, and I am no longer afraid to be alone. Believe me that is the big one. There are so many benefits that I never thought of. I don’t have to compromise over the color of my furniture, or what I want to make for supper. And I get to live in the city, although it’s not a big city, where I can go to the theatre and out to dinner when I want. Something Gary would never do. I guess we get these benefits to help us adjust. Believe me, I would so much rather have my Gary back with me, but since I can’t I have chosen to accept my life as it is and be happy.

First Boyfriend

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Now before you get ahead of me, let me just say that my very first boyfriend was Michael Macalusso. He lived behind me in Levittown in the 1950’s. I am trying to remember how old I was when I discovered him as a love interest. I moved away from there in 1959 when I was 8 years old, and he moved away to New York before that. So, true love bloomed when I was somewhere between 4 and 7. I have measured every boyfriend since against my first love. He was handsome, kind, generous with his toys, and a gentleman.

I remember when he was going to make his First Holy Communion. We were going to make it at the same time, but he was what we referred to as a Public while I was a Catholic. No, we were both of the Roman Catholic Faith, it’s just that Michael went to public school and I went to St. Mike’s. He had to practice after school whereas I practiced for it during my school day. I am not sure why that made such an impression on me.

We played together all the time. Our yards joined with the rest of the houses into a huge horseshoe that made the best playground ever. We never had to cross the street or even walk on the sidewalks if we didn’t want to. You couldn’t ask for a better back yard system.

In the winter our dad’s would make a big tunnel with a hut at each of our yards out of the snow. What fun we had. Today it wouldn’t fly. The dangers of such a system would prevent anyone from creating such a fun place. I feel bad that our society has become so sue conscience. Now, our dad’s always instructed us in safety practices for us to follow while we were playing in the tunnels. They also checked them each day for safety. And after a certain date we were all forbidden to enter them. The days would be getting too warm causing the tunnels to collapse. No one ever thought about disobeying our parents because we knew we would get a spanking and be forbidden to play outside again until the tunnels were gone. In the summer we had little pools in the yards and we played hide and seek, mother may I and on the swingsets.

Michael and I would spend our days playing and sharing and just talking. He was the first person I ever laid in the grass with just watching the sky to see what the clouds would form. Special times.

I often wonder whatever became of Michael. We visited him a couple of times after his move to New York, but eventually our families lost touch with each other. My heart was broken when I didn’t see him anymore. I still find myself thinking of the handsome dark haired boy who lived behind me who was my first love.


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I have been absent again… I know, what else is new? But I have again decided that I want to write on my blog. I used to really like the subjects that were posted by wordpress when I started my blog here. It was easier for me to keep writing. It’s when that stopped that I began to shy away from blogging. So, in attempt to get back into the swing of things I think I have come up with a plan.

I am going to give each month a category. For instance April is going to be about firsts. Specifically my firsts. My first dance, or my first boyfriend, or my first child. You get the idea. I am not sure that I will necessarily cover all of my firsts, just the ones that seem especially memorable.

Today I will be writing about the first time I am doing clothes alterations for someone beside myself. A neighbor of mine, also in the healthcare field, asked me if I could do some clothes alterations for her. Being the good neighbor that I am (granted that is just my opinion) I said yes. We picked a time for her to come over so that I could fit her for the alterations.

I no sooner hung up the phone when I began to panic! Am I good enough to do this for someone other than a member of my family? Will she hate the outcome? You know all the self doubting that goes along with the first time you attempt something new.

Well, the fitting went well. At least until she told me she had a gown she wanted fitted for her wedding. She and her husband are renewing their vows. All of a sudden my head began to pound and buzz and all I could think about was what if I ruin this dress. Lavonne being the sweet southern belle she is said “Don’t worry about it, I got it on Amazon and its was not expensive. Besides, you will do a wonderful job.” With confidence like that I just said OK.

Because they are not completed yet, I will have to post the outcome after they are completed. I do after all have some experience with a needle and thread and a sewing machine. I have altered my own clothes, and those of my kids. So, hopefully I will still have a good neighborly relationship with Lavonne after this first is in my past.

Happy Sunday!

What a beautiful day it is. The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful Carolina Blue. I am in my happy place because NASCAR is back. Today is race three of the season. I will be rooting for the number 22 driven by Joey Lagono again this year. I would love to see him win his second championship this year.

Can I tell you that I am still going through my sewing/quilting supplies. I have been here over a year and the work continues. I finally have agreed I brought waaaayyyyy too much with me. But finally I am making progress. Now, if I ever finish the sorting and purging I will be able to enjoy my hobby again.

My son is here visiting from Miami. I am enjoying his visit so much. It’s been over three years since I have seen him. You can be sure he has been a driving force behind my purging. :).

I have gone back to working again. I am doing part time at the dollar store and am also working from home on the computer. I am enjoying it. Of course it would be nice if I didn’t have to work, but it is what it is.

I wanted to hop on here today to say a quick hello how do you do since it’s been a while again. I am really going to work on doing better. I do love blogging even though I don’t have a lot to say.

Have a wonderful Sunday ya’ll.

2020 → → 2021

Did you ever think 2020 was going to end? It certainly was a very challenging year for us all. From having to stay home to wearing masks in public. Kids not getting to go to school. People having to close their businesses. I cannot even comprehend what so many have lost.

To add to my 2020 woes, I have had a series of falls. It has been unbelievable. In late August I had an episode of collapsing while walking my Gracie. I was talking to the dog and then I was being asked by two women if I was OK. I wound up in the hospital with a fractured shoulder. The same shoulder I fractured in Miami almost 5 years ago. Then I wore a monitor for 30 days which showed absolutely nothing. After my physical therapy I thought all of my problems were behind me.

I went along doing what I do. I got a little job which gave me the interaction I missed living on my own. Fast forward to December. Minding my own business I began getting lightheaded and falling again. Nothing serious happened until 2 weeks before Christmas. I had 6 falls in those two weeks. First hitting my head so hard that I had a tennis ball sized lump over my left eye, my left eye immediately swelled closed. I immediately had a shiner even Mike Tyson would have been proud of. Two days later, I had to take Gracie out before bed. I couldn’t take her for a long walk, so we just went up to the end of my building.

It happened again. I got a little lightheaded then went down. My daughter had just left. I immediately called her then she called 911. I had hit my head pretty hard on the opposite side. So I got the full treatment. Neck brace, back board, and off to the trauma center we go.

I used to work trauma but I had no idea what the process feels like to the patients. What an eye opener. I wasn’t in the center ten minutes when my clothes were cut off, a second line in, monitor on, full body check, and CT scan of everything. I realized that to someone who doesn’t understand the process is probably so scared.

Ok, long story short, I was admitted. On he 23rd of December, I was getting discharged when finally something showed up on the monitor. My heart rate was dropping into the 30’s. So, in comes cardiology. They cleared me to go home, but have to follow up this month. Since my discharge I have had someone with me. No driving, no walking the dog…and I have still had some spells. \

Other than that, I had a wonderful Christmas with most of my family with me. My daughter did the cooking and I was able to just sit and enjoy the kids.

As for the rest of 2020, the election in November, to say the outcome is a disappointment for me is an understatement. Sadly, the main-stream media has joined forces with the Far Left Rhetoric that becoming a socialist country is the right thing to do forgetting that socialism leads to communism. The government tells you what to think, say, and do. Freedoms become a thing of the past, and the individual owns nothing.

There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.Ayn Rand

I think the biggest insult to me is being told by the Biden administration that I am a racist because I supported Trump. That I need to be reprogrammed. That unless I am reprogrammed I will be a useless member of society. Does any of this sound familiar?

I hope that I can keep up with this blog better than I have in the past year. I do like blogging, I just sometimes feel as if I don’t have anything of interest to anyone to blog about. I guess we all feel like that sometimes.

Keep the faith ya’ll!

Good Morning

Come sit on my little porch and have a fresh cup of coffee with me. I hope you’re doing well. I have been so busy the past couple of weeks. I have been in my apartment for a year next month. Gee, where does the time go?

Anyway, it’s been the period of doctors. If you know what I mean. I have been to my Internest, Rheumatologist, Foot Doctor and had my mammogram. I can remember my mom saying to me that you can tell you are getting old when all you have to talk about is going to the doctor. LOL I guess she was right.

I actually have been tearing into all of those bins and boxes from my quilting room. They have been stacked in the second bedroom of my apartment. Obviously having everything packed up has put a crimp in my hobby. I can’t believe the things I have saved. I have a huge trash bag full of scraps that I am going to give away. Some of the dog and cat rescues make beds for the animals from scraps. I am a big fan of donating.

The weather has been hot with storms almost everyday. The first hurricane of the season is in the books as well. It’s been so hot that the dog doesn’t want to go for her walk. And she usually walks about 5 miles a day. I will definitely be happy when the thermostat dips and the cool breezes return.

So tell me, what’s new? Read any good books lately? What about movies?

Thanks for stopping by for coffee. Keep the faith!

The Lone Sentinel

MorgueFIle March2020 5505949277945981e863844c582745fc

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2020: Week #32


Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to visit lighthouses. They have always given me comfort and a feeling of safety. I know that the lighthouses are not there for the benefit of those on land, but rather for those who travel the seas. Just the same, I derive comfort from them.


I will never forget the first lighthouse I visited.  My family and I went on a day trip to Long Beach Island at the Jersey shore.  Pulling into the parking lot and seeing the Barnegat Lighthouse standing tall and almost regal, I was in awe.

picture from dronestagram

I moved to North Carolina several years ago and have spent many hours investigating the Lighthouses near me.  I still get that special feeling when I see one.  I attended several quilt retreats on Oak Island which has a wonderful Lighthouse.  My room was flooded with light as it circulated around facing the house I stayed in.  The rhythm of the light shining in and out of my room put me right to sleep.  





Coffee Share



If we were having coffee this morning, we would be sipping through our face masks. We are still in a stay at home situation here in North Carolina. The only time I go out is to walk Gracie. Poor girl’s walks have gotten shorter, but she seems to have gotten used to it.

As you can see from the picture above, my coffee cup is empty and very lonely sitting on my patio table.  I do sit on the patio, but it’s very cold out today.  I went out there and only lasted a couple of minutes.  🙂

It’s been a while since I have posted. I am having fun trying to figure out how things work here now. It seems they have changed how things are done.  It took me forever to find where I could use the old editor.  

I have been keeping busy sewing masks. Our health care facilities have asked for them. The big problem is everyone is making them and supplies have run short. Not fabric, I have plenty, but the elastic needed for the masks is out of stock everywhere. I ordered 100 yards over a month ago and it still has not come in.

I miss getting to spend time with my quilter friends. But the biggest hurdle for me is not being able to attend Mass and receive the sacraments. Seeing it online is not the same. This pandemic has really changed our way of life. It certainly gives us pause to reevaluate what is important and what is not. I hope that our economy will pick back up after the stay at home order is rescinded. I know that many people are struggling with no paycheck coming in.

I am excited because I am going to Medjugorje in October. I have wanted to make a pilgrimage there for a very long time. I am praying that by then this pandemic is just a memory so it doesn’t get canceled.

It’s been a while since I have posted. I am having fun trying to figure out how things work on here now. Seems they have changed how things are done.

Stay home, stay healthy!



Another New Year…

Well 2020 came into being and I am still trying to settle myself into my apartment. I have finally admitted to myself and my daughters, that I moved entirely too much stuff with me. Most of it is my quilting supplies. I didn’t realize how much fabric I had collected. So, I am purging. I am surprised it isn’t harder than it is. I have found a place to donate a lot of sewing supplies to. I met a woman in Walmart who teaches young girls how to sew. She was ecstatic about getting fabric for her classes.

I have neglected my blogs. I have neglected my reading. I can’t remember the last time I sat and just read. My grandchildren are here almost every day. I love it. I lived an hour away before and now they are just 15 minutes up the road. They are growing like weeds. Andrew just turned 16. I can’t believe it.

I hope to get back to my blogging. I find it helps keep me on point with my life. Know what I mean?

Take care all and God bless!


A New Chapter

I am beginning a new chapter in my life.  After the frustrations with the damage that was done to my house, I realized that I was ready to make some changes in my life.  I have moved to the city of Wilmington and have left my country setting behind.

I am close to both of my daughters so I will get to see them much more often.  And, that means my grandchildren can come to visit a lot more.  What a difference just being fifteen minutes away from them makes.

I am still unpacking and trying to get my quilting room together.  I had to give a lot of things up, but I was surprised to learn that it was easier than I would have thought.  I feel free of all the “stuff” we all hold onto.  I have learned that we just don’t need it.  Our memories are in our hearts.  Don’t misunderstand, I did keep a few things from my past.  There is always something you can’t part with.  🙂

Yesterday was my birthday.  My daughter Samantha had me over for dinner and cake and ice cream.  It was a lovely evening.  I have neglected my blogs.  I think I will now be able to put the time into them again and maybe even write something worth reading.

Have a wonderful day!