The Rumor

Daily Prompt:  Identical, Blush


This week’s two words are Canard and/or Rumor.


It was late when her shift at the hospital ended.  She was tired and she couldn’t stop thinking about the rumors she had heard at work.  I can’t believe they are going to lay off nurses, she thought.  We are short staffed as it is.

She was lost in thought and not paying attention to her surroundings while she walked to her car in the dark parking lot.  They still hadn’t fixed the lights that had burned out weeks ago.  As Peggy started to put the key in the door to unlock the car, something hit her on the head.  She felt herself falling down, but it was in slow motion.  Suddenly as she was losing consciousness, she felt hands around her waist.  Peggy heard garbled voices.

It seemed like she had been asleep for days when she finally opened her eyes in the emergency room.  Not sure why she was there, she tried to get up but fell backward on the liter.  Her head really hurt and she felt a huge bandage on her head.  She could not figure out what had happened to her.

She fell asleep again, then woke shortly after hearing voices near her.  Opening her eyes she saw that her identical twins were standing next to the bed.  Wait, how did I get into a bed and room without me knowing it.?  What is going on?  Her kids were happy to see she was awake finally.  They gave her a big hug and started asking questions about her injury.  All Peggy could remember was something hitting her head and someone grabbing her.

Then her nurse came into the room.  She explained that one of the overhead lights in the parking lot had exploded and the metal bracket fell on your head.  It was very lucky that the security guard was there and saw it happen.  You could have been out there until day shift started.

Peggy appreciated the fact that the security guard got her attention right away, but she was furious that the hospital had been neglectful in not repairing the lights.  She was steaming.

After Peggy’s kids left, the security guard that had helped her walked into the room.  He told Peggy that he was happy to see she was awake.  He had been worried about her all night.  Apparently, she had said some strange things to him when he was trying to keep her from falling.   Peggy, blushed as she thanked the kind man for what he had done for her.  He told her no worries that he knew she didn’t realize he was trying to help her.

In the evening, the nursing supervisor came in to check on Peggy.  She told her that she had given everyone quite a scare.  Peggy looked at her square in the eye and asked her if the hospital was laying off nurses.  Her supervisor laughed and said that canard has been going around the hospital for months.  Peggy just stared at her and asked if it was true.  The supervisor just smiled and said you just get better and don’t worry about anything.  Then she was gone.


Kindness Is Contagious

2017 Kindness Challenge Week 7


This past week we were charged with keeping track of kindness both given and received. I found this exercise to be very valuable as I was made aware of just how much kindness was shown to me.  I also became aware of how much I had taken for granted.  Human nature seems to allow us to do that so often.

I must say that I feel very blessed and grateful for those times when kindness was extended to me this past week.   But I was truly amazed at how blessed I felt when I was the one being kind.  It was like Christmas when you give a gift and without anything in return you feel as though you had received the best gift of all.

Kindness works the same way.  The kinder you are, the kinder people are to you and to other people they meet.  Kindness spreads and multiplies.  But, there is a little catch to spreading kindness, the more anonymous it is, the larger the effect it has.

I have really enjoyed this challenge from Niki at The Richness of a Simple Life.  It has confirmed my belief that kindness is as necessary to the human spirit as food is to the human flesh.  Thank you Niki for challenging me to open myself up to kindness.

“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.”                           St. Therese of Lisieux




2017 Kindness Challenge-Week 6

I spent my week working on being kind without expecting anything in return just as the challenge specified.  I must admit that it was a lot of fun for me. What I realized is that although I didn’t expect anything in return, the more I expressed kindness to others the better I felt.  And that had nothing to do with the reactions of the recipients.

A feeling of joy grew with each small act of kindness that I extended.  It didn’t matter if the stranger I spoke to didn’t reciprocate. My spirit was lighter and my outlook was brighter.  I could feel the world becoming more peaceful just with that little act of kindness.

The bottom line is that kindness doesn’t cost you anything so give it freely and let joy spread through you.


2017 Kindness Challenge: Week 5

2017 Kindness Challenge:  Choosing Kindness

I grew up in the north east part of the country.  Many people who live up there look at you as if you have two heads when you say hello to them on the street.  I really didn’t know that there were places where strangers spoke to each other and it was not only accepted, but expected.

My first trip to the south was a real eye opener.  Strangers would speak to me with smiles on their faces.  Now I am not saying that everyone in the south displays this kindness. There are no absolutes here, but the overall attitude is one of friendliness and kindness. Which I hate to say is not necessarily how it is where I come from.

I began to speak to strangers when I returned home and was surprised how good I felt doing so.  And after speaking to people I didn’t know that I would see often at the grocery store or other places I frequented, I wore them down and they began to smile and say hello to me too.

So this weeks challenge is something I have already been working on.  I do try to always put myself in someone else’s situation and be more accepting of their reactions.  I have always been a little intolerant with some of my responses to things beyond my control.  I am working very hard to not respond unkindly to the messengers.  I think I am making progress.

Colossians 3:12  Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience




How We See Ourselves, How Others See Us, And How To Embrace Where We Are — Catholic Wife, Catholic Life

I thought I would share this especially since the 2017 Kindness Challenge is going on right now.  I think it’s definitely worth the read.

I thought it was about time that I share some more of the best finds with you! These are some of the things that really resonated with me this week, and a lot of them have to do with who we are — with our identity, with how we see ourselves

via How We See Ourselves, How Others See Us, And How To Embrace Where We Are — Catholic Wife, Catholic Life