Week 4: Kindness Role Model

Week 4:  Kindness Role Model

If I had to choose who to list as my role models, I would have to start with my children. My oldest Kelly, has her hands full with my grandchildren. One has Asperger’s, one has other issues and my granddaughter dances four nights a week.  She is busy.  She has her own health problems.  But…she never hesitates to extend a hand to someone in need. She never hesitates to be thoughtful.

My son Gary, is very caring.  He is a wonderful father always putting his family first.  He is forgiving and generous in thought and deed.  Always ready to lend a hand to one in need.

My daughter Samantha, always generous with her time.  She will lend a hand at the drop of a hat to anyone in need.  Sam is thoughtful and kind always.

Then I have friends, real friends who have always been there for me.  Never question if my need is real or imagined.  Pat I have know for fifty years.  Even though we don’t live close to each other anymore, she never ceases to show her kindness and understanding. Pat is someone who has always put others before herself.

And there is Dottie who I have known for forty nine years has always been kind to everyone she meets.  A wonderful friend to me.  We were in each others weddings.   Nothing is too much to ask of her.

Then there is Wanda.  I met her on the internet after she read my profile when I was on aol.  She is also a nurse, we share the same name, and we are both in North Carolina.  We hit it off online and became friends.  We met at Thanksgiving after about a year of chatting.  When she married her husband I was her matron of honor.  Wanda has had many medical problems.  She never gets short tempered.  She remains understanding and always is kind.  She puts herself out for anyone who needs something.  We have been close friends for well over twenty years.

Sue is someone I have only known since 2005.  I met her at my quilting guild.  We hit it off and became friends.  Sue is thoughtful, kind, and never hesitates to do whatever she can for anyone who needs anything.  The thing about Sue is she is a wonderful listener.

I don’t have to look far for role models.  My family and my close friends fit the bill.  I could not be more proud of my children and the way they step up when someone is in need.  My dear, dear friends have always been examples of kindness to me.  I am truly blessed to have these wonderful people in my life.  They know what I need without my asking.

Last year, when my husband passed away I was shown kindness from so many people. It was a very difficult time for me as you can imagine.  Acquaintances I hardly knew showed me such warmth and understanding and compassion.

If we look around we see that there is more kindness in the world than we realize.


10 thoughts on “Week 4: Kindness Role Model

  1. I think that you must be a very kind person and a kindness role model. I think this because of the kindness of your children. They had to learn kindness and since they all have their share of kindness the most likely source is you. Good job!

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  2. Wanda! It sounds like you are rich beyond measure!! What wonderful people in your life! I agree with Patricia, it sounds like you surround yourself with like-hearted people. I also think there is more kindness than we realize in the world. Thank you so much for sharing about the role models in your life ❤

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