The Dance Competion

What a great weekend we had for the competition.  We saw some awesome dancers with great choreography.  We came back to the hotel last night exhausted.  It was a very long day.  We decided to stay another night and we are moving a little slow this morning.

At breakfast, we noticed it had started raining.  I hate driving in the rain.  I’m glad I don’t have to do it.


This is Alannah’s Group Jazz Dance.  they got Emerald.


This is the Group Clogging Dance.  They got Ruby.


This is the Group Tap Dance.  They got Ruby.

My pictures of the Hip Hop routine didn’t come out.  They got Emerald.

We are so proud of Alannah and her fellow dancers.  They did a wonderful job at this competition.  I am so blessed to be able to share this part of Alannah’s life.  We are making great memories.



First Day of Dance Competition

We are back in our hotel room and Alannah is already asleep.  She did spectacularly today in her clogging solo.  She won a trophy.  She only competed in one dance today, but tomorrow will be a very long day for us.  She competes in four group dances.

Here is the Competition my granddaughter Alannah is dancing in this weekend.



Here is Alannah at the beginning of her dance.  I had to sneak this picture.  They don’t like it when you take pictures during the competition.  However, the sign said no video.  I only grabbed this still photo.



This is Alannah onstage to get her trophy.  She took third in her category Emerald.



I just love to watch her dance.  She will be ten this July and she has been competing since she was five.  She loves it.



I can’t believe how long it has been since I have had the time to post.  I have been working really hard on getting my house ready to sell, and I think I have a buyer.  I am so excited about it too.  If any of you wonderful people out there in the Blogosphere pray, I am asking you to please whisper a prayer for me that the sale of my home goes well.  I would certainly appreciate it.

Also, as you are all aware, Irma is heading for the southeastern United States and Florida will be slammed and probably here in Noth Carolina too, whisper a prayer for my family’s and my safety during this time.  My son who lives in Miami is on the road with his family.  He left yesterday, but he said the traffic is terrible and the gas is in short supply.  My dear friends who live in the central and western side of Florida are in need of prayer too.

This storm hitting right after Harvey is really a terrible situation for the US.  I realize that so very many people are in need and I have been praying for everyone’s safety through out this situation.  So many people with such great loss.  It is so heartwarming to see how we are pulling together to help.  I was happy to hear the governor of Florida saying that homes can be replaced but lives cannot be.  I hope that people do the smart thing and seek shelter out of the area.

I have been reading your posts, just have not had the time to reply.  Hopefully after this ordeal of the storm is over my life can resume some semblance of normalcy.

Be safe everyone and God bless you.



Home Again

Daily Prompt:  Rhyme

Since my return from Florida a week ago Saturday, I have been at my daughter’s home. My three grandchildren started school this week and I had not seen them all summer so they wanted me to stay with them until school started.  I have really enjoyed being here with them, but I have to tell you, three kids 9, 11, and 13 can be exhausting.  Especially when you are with them 24/7.  Now I understand why God gives you children when you are young and foolish.  🙂

They are sweet kids.  But, there is no rhyme or reason why they can go from happy and getting along to miserable and fighting in no time at all.  It’s mind boggling.  I don’t remember my kids doing that.  Then I remember that between my first two there are 10 years.  So, by the time the next two came along I had a built in nanny.  I also worked the whole time my kids were growing up.  It was necessary and to be honest, I would have worked anyway.  I loved what I did.

I also loved being a mom.  I just loved it in small increments.  I can remember one time my youngest daughter said to me, “Why can’t you be a regular mother?”  She was basing my type of motherhood on her best friend’s mother who was a stay at home mom who could be the homeroom mother at school and go on field trips with them.

I did go through episodes of guilt at times.  But to be honest, if I had been home 24/7 I would have been a terrible mom.  I needed to work.  It kept me sane.  It gave me perspective.

My kids get it now.   Truth be told, they got it then too.  I can remember one time when I was out of work for a longer period of time than my usual vacation, I heard them talking upstairs saying they couldn’t wait until I went back to work.  They were not too happy about how  I solved their boredom.  I could always find a chore for them to do.  🙂

So probably tomorrow I will finally be home.  I am looking forward to getting things at home back on track, and to be able to enjoy my blogging again.




The Weekly Smile #85

The Weekly Smile #85


This week I had a lot to smile about. My friend who I have been staying with retired from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  I was able to attend her retirement party with her husband at the park.  I can already see the difference in her since she no longer has to work. She is so relaxed now.  We’ve been friends for almost 50 years so I feel so blessed to have been able to share in this celebration with her.  Her granddaughter Alyssa started at Animal Kingdom in the college program.  This is Dottie passing the Disney torch to her.  🙂


Then the next day we drove over to Vero Beach to visit with Dottie’s niece who vacations there with her family every year.  I hadn’t seen her niece since she was a kid.  Now she has adult children!  Her mother was there and it had been years since I had seen her too. They had a feast, a smorgasbord of wonderful dishes for supper and it was just delicious, something they do with friends on the last night of their stay.  It was a wonderful day for the beach and even the sharks thought so.  There were a few swimming right along the beach.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready with my camera.  But it was cool to see them in the wild.  🙂  Then the activities director had set up a bubble stand.  I hadn’t blown bubbles for I don’t know how long.  Maybe when my oldest grandchild was little.  Anyway, I jumped in and had a good time.


I spent the weekend with my son and his family. We took Isabella to the Children’s Museum of Miami and had a great time with her.  Then Isabella and I walked some miles through her building.  She lives in an 11-floor condo building and just loves to walk the halls.  She’s 18 months old and walking has given her new freedom.  It was just the thing to chase away her shyness with me.  🙂


Then Dottie and I went to Magic Kingdom at Disney for the day.  We did some shopping and I got a few photos.  🙂


I had a wonderful week.  I will be driving back to NC on the weekend.  Frank no longer needs a nurse and Dottie is blissfully happy in her retirement.



Daily Prompt:  Amble

I spent the day yesterday with my friend Dottie, her son Brandon and her granddaughter Alissa ambling through Animal Kindom at Disney World here in Orlando, Florida.  We had a wonderful time.  I love to see all of the animals that are in the park as well as going on the rides.  The new ride in Pandora is unbelievable.  That’s all I will say on the matter because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not ridden on it yet.  I am always so impressed with the technology and ingenuity that Disney puts into their attractions.

Did I mention that my friend Dottie is retiring from Disney, Animal Kingdom to be specific, on Wednesday?  So over the years, every trip to the park with her is always filled with many introductions to other cast members on the job.  Whoever she takes to the park is privy to an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the animals and the trivia related to Animal Kindom.  Her shimmering love for both the animals and her career is evident by her desire to enhance your visit with these nuances.

Dottie has never been one to take her responsibilities at work casually.  Even in her first career with Western Electric.  She has always had a very strong work ethic.  Dottie has always been a teacher of sorts in the form of training in both of her careers.

We have been friends since our junior year in high school.  Almost fifty years!  I can remember thinking that I would be ancient when I was fifty.  Now, I just feel blessed to have had a wonderful friend for that long.  We were in each other’s weddings.  She is godmother to my daughter and Aunt Dottie to all of my children.  We were partners in crime (as Mom would say) in our teens. She called my mom and dad, Mom and Dad and I called her mom Mom.  Our friendship has weathered enormous joy, great loss, sadness, happiness and separation of time and distance.  And now I will share with her a new chapter in her life.  Retirement.  Anyone who has retired after working since their teens knows that although we work toward retirement, and for retirement and want retirement, it is a difficult transition.  So I will have the honor of celebrating this special day with Dottie, her husband Frank and her Disney family on Wednesday by attending her retirement party.

As we left the park last night, to the symphony of screams and laughter I looked at Dottie smiling, tired from the day, but happy she had shared her home of the last 19 years with us.    It was the last time she would be hosting family and friends as a cast member at Disney.  Who ever takes her place in the park will have so very much to live up to.

I love you, Dottie.  Happy Retirement.




Daily Prompt:  Pest

Part of our journey on this earth is to learn patience.  We are all pestered with people and things that we cannot avoid.  Lets face it, our own children can become the biggest pests there are.  We love them, but often we find ourselves out of patience with them.

I find that as I have gotten older my patience has increased.  I can tolerate the same things my kids did when my grandchildren do them.  Although I am not sure if this is because I have learned to be more patient, or if unconsciously I am some how getting even with my kids.  I love this saying.  “Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your own children.”  I am not sure where it is from, but I have seen it on many things and places.  It is a humerus take on the reward for being patient with your kids.

My oldest daughter was the one who gave me a run for my money.  I was a young mother of twenty.  Looking back now, I realize that it was more inexperience on my part than actually being impatient.  And, we are so much alike.  Two very independent, strong willed, often rigid people.  I have mellowed so much, but it took me much longer than it took her.

Kelly has grown into a loving,  patient mother of three beautiful children who are the light of my life.  She also entered into motherhood later in life than I did.  Which I think is the key to her earlier success.

Make no mistake, her little ones become pests to her too.  Her famous saying when they are driving her crazy and she hears herself say the same things to them that I said to her is:  “Are you happy now?  You have turned me into your grandmother.”  I love it.  They look at her and say “You aren’t Grami.”  Then I get the phone call from her saying thanks ma, I did’t get one like me, I got three!  Like I could control that.

I saw this pillow today and had to grab a shot of it.  This is what my Kelly says to me all the time.


Yup, she’s still a pest.  🙂