The Weekly Smile #85

The Weekly Smile #85


This week I had a lot to smile about. My friend who I have been staying with retired from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  I was able to attend her retirement party with her husband at the park.  I can already see the difference in her since she no longer has to work. She is so relaxed now.  We’ve been friends for almost 50 years so I feel so blessed to have been able to share in this celebration with her.  Her granddaughter Alyssa started at Animal Kingdom in the college program.  This is Dottie passing the Disney torch to her.  🙂


Then the next day we drove over to Vero Beach to visit with Dottie’s niece who vacations there with her family every year.  I hadn’t seen her niece since she was a kid.  Now she has adult children!  Her mother was there and it had been years since I had seen her too. They had a feast, a smorgasbord of wonderful dishes for supper and it was just delicious, something they do with friends on the last night of their stay.  It was a wonderful day for the beach and even the sharks thought so.  There were a few swimming right along the beach.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready with my camera.  But it was cool to see them in the wild.  🙂  Then the activities director had set up a bubble stand.  I hadn’t blown bubbles for I don’t know how long.  Maybe when my oldest grandchild was little.  Anyway, I jumped in and had a good time.


I spent the weekend with my son and his family. We took Isabella to the Children’s Museum of Miami and had a great time with her.  Then Isabella and I walked some miles through her building.  She lives in an 11-floor condo building and just loves to walk the halls.  She’s 18 months old and walking has given her new freedom.  It was just the thing to chase away her shyness with me.  🙂


Then Dottie and I went to Magic Kingdom at Disney for the day.  We did some shopping and I got a few photos.  🙂


I had a wonderful week.  I will be driving back to NC on the weekend.  Frank no longer needs a nurse and Dottie is blissfully happy in her retirement.


My Weekend With Isabella

Daily Prompt:  Prickle

I spent the weekend in Miami visiting with my son, daughter in law and my 18-month old granddaughter.  I had a wonderful time.  Isabella just loves to walk around the building they live in.  I walked about five miles just inside the building my son’s condo is in.

I drove over on Friday evening getting there about 5 PM.  Although I face time with Isabella all the time, she was acting shy with me.  I quickly learned that if I took her for a walk in the building and let her go on the elevator she would warm up to me in a jiffy.

On Saturday we went to the Children’s Museum of Miami.  What a wonderful place. The museum is hands on for the children.   Right now there is a Dinosaur exhibit for them. With the cutest display of moving dinos and a lot of things for the kids to play with to learn about the animals.  Carnival Cruise Lines sponsored a huge area that is like the ship’s decks.  There are a bank and an emergency room and hospital too.  So much for the children to play with while they learn about their world.

The food store chain, Publix, has a huge grocery store where the kids can shop for all kinds of food and then go through a checkout.  There are little green vests for the kids to wear just like the real Publix.  Here’s a picture of my little Isabella sitting on the cow in Publix with her daddy.


Some of the food in the food store at the museum gave me a prickly sensation when I touched it.  Didn’t bother the kids though.  It was so funny to watch all of the kids shopping and sharing the food on the shelves.  Once all of the food was off the shelves, the workers at the museum and some of the parents began organizing the area again. Isabella loved putting the stuff from her little shopping cart back onto the shelves.

We had a wonderful time at the museum.  Last time I was in Miami we went to the Miami Zoo.  It was way too hot to go there over the weekend this time.  On Sunday we went to church and just hung around the house.  We had a wonderful Peruvian supper that was delivered to the house by a near by restaurant.  I headed back to Orlando around 5 PM.  I hated to leave that baby.  She is growing up so quickly.