Weekend Coffee Share

Good Morning!  Join me for a cup of coffee or tea and let’s chat.  My life has gotten very busy for a couple of weeks now.

I was at the beach with a couple of friends on a little quilting retreat.  We had such a good time making purses and laughing over our silly mistakes.  I think we did more unsewing than actual sewing.

I enjoyed walks on the beach with Gracie.  It was her first time on the beach and she just loved it.  It took her a little time to get used to the water coming onto the sand where she was standing.  She would run away from them.  It was a wonderful eight days.  There is nothing more relaxing than the view of the beach while you are quilting.


I got home on Thursday and had enough time to do some laundry before I left Friday for my granddaughter Alannah’s dance competition.  We always have a good time on these trips.  Alannah did very well with her solo, and her group dances were great too.  I am so proud of her.  🙂


We drove home Sunday getting me home around 1:00, I grabbed my things out of Kelly’s car threw them in the house and hopped into my car to go to the fashion show.  My friend Ruth invited me to go.  I met her there and we had a lovely time.  The fashion show was a fundraiser for Cape Fear Catholic Charities.

By the time I got home Sunday, I was really beat.  I spent Monday watching the postponed Bristol race.

Tuesday it was sit and stitch and had a good time visiting with the girls there.  I took my crocheting with me and made a couple of newborn hats.

Did some things around the house on Wednesday, then Thursday Gracie had to go to the vet for her checkup.  On the way home, something was in the road when I swerved to avoid it, I hit a curb.  This is what happened.  tire418I had to drive it like this for about 2 miles.  That was the longest trip I had ever driven.  Gracie started throwing up from her shots.  I had blisters on my feet from wearing new sandals, and my iced coffee had gone through me and there was no way I could walk.  What a day!

Of course when I had to call to have the spare put on the van.  Do you know where that spare is?  You have to take the console out, then use a long wrench to release the spare which is under the van.  What a production.  I would never have been able to do it by myself.

So with the spare on the van, I drive down to the store to get a new tire.  Of course, they don’t have the right size in stock.  My new tire should be in on Monday.  Since the spare is a little on the small side, I am homebound until Monday when they call me.

On top of my busy couple of weeks, I have failed miserably with my blogging.  Before I went to the beach I had written my posts for the A to Z challenge and scheduled them to be posted.  I did something wrong and they didn’t post.  I also didn’t realize I was supposed to link them to the letter pages.  I hope to do a better job with it next year.

The other challenges I like to participate in went undone too.  But that’s what happens when life gets in the way.  Right?

Tonight is the first NASCAR night race.  It is in Richmond and it’s another short track.  I will be watching it with Gracie by my side and I might get some hand sewing done.  I am in the middle of a wool project and an embroidery project, so maybe I will get one of them finished.

I need a refill on my coffee so I’ll say bye until next time.  Have a good week.


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”



First Day of Dance Competition

We are back in our hotel room and Alannah is already asleep.  She did spectacularly today in her clogging solo.  She won a trophy.  She only competed in one dance today, but tomorrow will be a very long day for us.  She competes in four group dances.

Here is the Competition my granddaughter Alannah is dancing in this weekend.



Here is Alannah at the beginning of her dance.  I had to sneak this picture.  They don’t like it when you take pictures during the competition.  However, the sign said no video.  I only grabbed this still photo.



This is Alannah onstage to get her trophy.  She took third in her category Emerald.



I just love to watch her dance.  She will be ten this July and she has been competing since she was five.  She loves it.


Dancing Competition Weekend

Daily Prompt: Spike

I am sitting here in my room at the Breakers Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after an exhausting day at my granddaughters dance competition.  She’s 8 going on 35, but sound asleep on the other side of our suite.  We left Wilmington, NC this morning and arrived at the Convention Center in time to watch one of her friends perform her very first solo.  Alannah has made it her mission to be at the competition even when she is not performing to support her friends.    Alannah explained to me while we were headed down here today that she completely understands Marlie’s need for support because when she (Alannah) competed in her first solo she was also the very first one to dance in that competition too.  See what I mean?

Alannah has to be onstage at 7:30 in the morning which she has to be at the Convention Center at 6:30 when the doors open.  Have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person?  I spent my entire career in nursing working night shift.  Needless to say I am not looking forward to this little spike in my circadian rhythm.

I do enjoy watching Alannah compete in dance.  She has two solos she is competing in tomorrow and then four group dances she is competing in.  She loves dancing and she is at the studio every day during the week but Thursdays.  She takes ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, clogging, hip hop and acro.  When I was a kid you had three choices, ballet, tap and jazz.  I will say that with the addition of more types of dance it has opened the door for more children to participate.

Alannah’s older brother who is 13 takes hip hop too.  He doesn’t compete, but he does participate in the recitals through out the year.  Andrew has Asperger’s and the dance has done wonders for his motor skills and his social skills.

During one of the breaks late this afternoon, I went outside with my camera to see if I could find some good shots.  Alannah was with me and I showed her the way that light can change how a picture looks without changing anything else.  I had her move around so that the sun would hit her target at different angles.  She was really interested in taking the pictures and told me she didn’t realize how much you can affect the picture by just moving light around.  I can see an SLR camera in her future.

That is my dream.  To someday have an Nikon SLR camera.  I really started getting into photography when in 2000.  I have slowly gotten better cameras and believe it or not I have some really beautiful shots from a Kodak point and shoot camera.  I love it because it was not too big and I could take it with me anywhere.  When it died I was so disappointed.  I so wanted to get a good SLR camera then, bu I just couldn’t afford it.  After doing a lot of research and finding out that most cameras today only have the digital screen on the back of the camera to see your object I decided to get a Fujifilm.  It is a bridge camera.  Point and shoot but with lots of options for your own settings.  Several good filters pre installed.  Wireless transfer of pics to phone, tablet, and a 50x zoom.  I have gotten some great shots.  I was at a Phillies/Marlins baseball game two seasons ago and I was getting shots of the players swinging and missing the ball at home plate.  Got the ball in mid air and the bat moving past it.  I couldn’t be more pleased with this camera.

Well it’s after 11PM here on the East Coast and 5:30 will be here before I know it. Goodnight one and all.