Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee I would tell you that it’s been a hectic week.  But, right now looking back on it I don’t know what made it that way.  Ever have a week like that?

This past Tuesday was my quilt guild’s outreach workshop.  There were forty-three of us making newborn baby quilts and hats for my local hospital.  One of the girls brought her embroidery machine with her and made the labels right away.

My friend Janet had to put her dog down on Monday so she missed the meeting.  I took her an iced coffee after the meeting.  I thought she needed a little cheering up.  Poor Finny was 17 years old.  She could barely walk at the end.  So sad.

I have been cutting out lap quilts for our veterans to make kits so that our members can put them together.  We deliver them to the VA and the VA Hospital.

Other than guild business I have just been gathering things for my granddaughter’s dance school yard sale on the 7th of April.  This is for the competition team to help defray the cost to the students.  It is unreal how much it costs for a child to compete in dance.

My daughter and son-in=law are coming down this morning to fix my outside lights.  He is going to convert them to motion detecting.  It will be nice to have them come on at night when I come and go here at the house.  I am going to see if I can get Stephen to hand a quilt hanger for me too.

I will be spending Easter with my two daughters and their families with my son face timing us from Miami.  I wish my granddaughter could be here too.  It would be great for her to get to know her cousins.

I wish ya’ll a very blessed Easter.



6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Some weeks are hectic aren’t they. They you try to figure out why and you can’t. I get that.

    Sorry about your friends four legged family member going to the bridge. It’s such a hard thing to do, but they tell you when they are ready.

    Have a fabulous day and a very happy Easter. ♥

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