Daily Prompt:  Radiant, Toxic

I spent Easter with my family at my daughter Samantha’s home.  My granddaughter Alannah got slime in her Easter basket.  You heard me right, SLIME!  Now, when I was growing up anything with a name like SLIME was considered nothing less than toxic.  But this generation of munchkins is a new breed.

Alannah was sitting at the kitchen table playing with this green sparkling glowing sticky stuff.  It was shaking and spreading all over the place.  I touched it and got the heebee jeebies from it.  YUK!  She kept asking me if I thought it was pretty.  After telling her no a  dozen or more times I realized that she was not getting the answer she wanted from me and finally responded with a resounding yes.

The worst thing I can remember was silly putty.  And all that was good for was copying the Sunday comics with.  I vaguely remember my kids having something called slime now that I think about it.  It was a fluorescent green runny substance that was made popular by a TV show.

Whatever happened to getting stuffed lambs and chicks in your Easter Basket with the candy the famous rabbit brought?

SLIME aside, we did have a wonderful day spent outside in the sunshine, warm temperature, and gentle breeze.  The birds were serenading us and it was just the perfect family day.

Here’s a picture of the cardinal that joined us yesterday.


When a Cardinal appears in your yard it is a visitor from Heaven.


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