Coffee Share



If we were having coffee this morning, we would be sipping through our face masks. We are still in a stay at home situation here in North Carolina. The only time I go out is to walk Gracie. Poor girl’s walks have gotten shorter, but she seems to have gotten used to it.

As you can see from the picture above, my coffee cup is empty and very lonely sitting on my patio table.  I do sit on the patio, but it’s very cold out today.  I went out there and only lasted a couple of minutes.  🙂

It’s been a while since I have posted. I am having fun trying to figure out how things work here now. It seems they have changed how things are done.  It took me forever to find where I could use the old editor.  

I have been keeping busy sewing masks. Our health care facilities have asked for them. The big problem is everyone is making them and supplies have run short. Not fabric, I have plenty, but the elastic needed for the masks is out of stock everywhere. I ordered 100 yards over a month ago and it still has not come in.

I miss getting to spend time with my quilter friends. But the biggest hurdle for me is not being able to attend Mass and receive the sacraments. Seeing it online is not the same. This pandemic has really changed our way of life. It certainly gives us pause to reevaluate what is important and what is not. I hope that our economy will pick back up after the stay at home order is rescinded. I know that many people are struggling with no paycheck coming in.

I am excited because I am going to Medjugorje in October. I have wanted to make a pilgrimage there for a very long time. I am praying that by then this pandemic is just a memory so it doesn’t get canceled.

It’s been a while since I have posted. I am having fun trying to figure out how things work on here now. Seems they have changed how things are done.

Stay home, stay healthy!



Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell ya’ll about my experience evacuating my home because that very rude Florence has come to visit.  She had the audacity to park right on top of my house!DnIBW26WsAUCMPr  Can you believe it?  My house is located just about where the white dot is in this picture.  Needless to say, I will most likely be going home to a mess.  However, after being in a car with 9 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit, and a lizard, we arrived in Virginia safe and sound.

We were a caravan of three.  My son in law, his dad, my grandson and 4 cats in the lead car.  Me with 2 dogs, 2 cats and the lizard in the middle.  My daughter and grandson and granddaughter and 3 cats, the rabbit in the rear.  Just before arriving at the hotel, someone slammed on their breaks and caused a pileup.  Thank God we all were untouched by it.

So we are staying in a wonderful hotel,  Homewood Suites.  The staff is wonderful.  It’s pet-friendly so no problem with the animals.  We certainly lucked out there.

I know that I have been absent for longer than I realized.  Life has been busy.  My daughter and her kids are living with me temporarily while work is being done on her house.  So, time is limited if you know what I mean?

I would ask for prayers because I have no idea what I will find when I get home.



Happy June


Come in and have a cup of coffee with me.  Or I’ll make a pot of tea if you prefer.  How have you been?  Isn’t the weather beautiful today?  Sun shining, birds chirping.  I love it!

Can you believe it’s June already?  How quickly time passes.  May was a blur for me.  What do you think of the Daily Post retiring?  I loved the daily prompts.  I’ll miss it for sure, but like they said they will be left on the site and can be used over again.  Also, I see some people have already organized prompts to take their place.

What a week it’s been!  I had Alannah over the holiday weekend.  She is learning how to sew.  She looked so cute behind my Featherweight sewing machine concentrating on keeping her seams straight.  We had a really good time.  It’s fun to have the kids spend the weekend.  Although I have to admit it can be exhausting.  They seem to be active until they close their eyes to sleep.

It rained here so much this week which led to a Fibro flare.  So I didn’t get too much accomplished in the house.  Finally, on Thursday I got my dining room table cleared off.  It still had the sewing machine and supplies on it from the weekend.

Yesterday I spent three hours going through the mail I hadn’t opened.  Three hours!  I cannot believe the amount of junk mail that is sent out daily.  I would just throw it out immediately, but I am afraid that there will be one piece of mail that is important in the pile.  So the three hours doing it was my penance for not sorting it right away.  I watched NASCAR practice and qualifying for the Pocono Race on Sunday while I did it.

My miniature roses are blooming again.  They went into a little bit of shock when I transplanted them into bigger pots.  I love flowers, but not gardening.  I used to have beautiful gardens back home in Pennsylvania.  It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed the results.  I had so many varieties of Hosta.  They were the focal point of my gardens and I accented them with colorful annuals.  Along the fence surrounding the pool, I had hanging baskets with brightly colored flowers.  Purple clematis decorated the front porch railings and columns and hanging baskets of ferns hung between the columns.  So since retirement, no gardens.

Today is dance recital day.  Looking forward to seeing the kids dance.  I’ll run some errands while I’m in town.  I guess I’ll have to go food shopping too.  Not my favorite job.  But I do like to eat and my cupboards are bare.  Gary loved to food shop.  He would be gone for hours.  Me, I am in and out.  I have a list and I stick to it.  Gary would always want me to go with him.  Occasionally I gave in.  I used to say he thought food shopping was taking me on a date.

I guess I should hem those shorts for Kelly.  I’ll see her today at the recital.  She could really use them now that it’s gotten hot.  I need to burn a DVD for her of Alannah’s dance competition too.  Guess I should get moving.

Have a wonderful week.

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Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee I would tell you that it’s been a hectic week.  But, right now looking back on it I don’t know what made it that way.  Ever have a week like that?

This past Tuesday was my quilt guild’s outreach workshop.  There were forty-three of us making newborn baby quilts and hats for my local hospital.  One of the girls brought her embroidery machine with her and made the labels right away.

My friend Janet had to put her dog down on Monday so she missed the meeting.  I took her an iced coffee after the meeting.  I thought she needed a little cheering up.  Poor Finny was 17 years old.  She could barely walk at the end.  So sad.

I have been cutting out lap quilts for our veterans to make kits so that our members can put them together.  We deliver them to the VA and the VA Hospital.

Other than guild business I have just been gathering things for my granddaughter’s dance school yard sale on the 7th of April.  This is for the competition team to help defray the cost to the students.  It is unreal how much it costs for a child to compete in dance.

My daughter and son-in=law are coming down this morning to fix my outside lights.  He is going to convert them to motion detecting.  It will be nice to have them come on at night when I come and go here at the house.  I am going to see if I can get Stephen to hand a quilt hanger for me too.

I will be spending Easter with my two daughters and their families with my son face timing us from Miami.  I wish my granddaughter could be here too.  It would be great for her to get to know her cousins.

I wish ya’ll a very blessed Easter.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish.  Let’s face it everyone is Irish on March 17th.  Any big plans to celebrate?  Back in Pennsylvania, I would go to the parade our community had.  Then most years went to a St. Paddy’s Day party usually at one of the local churches.  There was a big group of friends who went together.  It was a lot of fun.  Of course corned beef and cabbage were on the menu and lots of green beer.  And a multitude of green dyed desserts.  We would have a grand time dancing and laughing with friends.  Good times, good memories.



This has been a quiet week.  Last weekend I was away with my daughter and granddaughter for Alannah’s dance competition.  She did very well both in her solo and her group dances.  She competed in five dances.  Clogging group and solo, hip-hop, jazz, and tap.

We stayed in a new hotel close to the college.  My only complaint about the long weekend was there was no place to get a decent meal.  Everything was fast food.  Not being familiar with the area, we were reluctant to drive too far to search for restaurants.  Google was no help either.  Daylight Savings Time hit too.  It really messed with our timing on Sunday.  There was a lot of confusion for sure.

Last week I was visiting a friend in Cary.  We had a great time sewing together.  This time we mostly worked on hand sewing.  I did put a quilt top together while I was there.  I have it in line to be quilted this week.  I got home just in time to leave for the dance competition.

I got home Monday afternoon.  I had left my car at my daughter’s house and when I got back the battery had died.  Triple-A came out and jumped the battery and it’s been fine since.

I haven’t done much all week.  It took me a day or two to recuperate from the weekend.  Each year the recuperation time increases.  🙂  I guess that’s to be expected.  I did a short run to the food store.  Made some delicious chicken stew.  I posted on my blog.  Saw a little basketball.  I got back to reading the book I started a while ago.

I skipped quilting this week.  I was told I missed a wonderful show and tell.  That’s one of the best parts of the meeting.  Getting to see the beautiful work from all the members.

One of our guild’s outreach projects is making hats for the newborn nursery at our local hospital.  I took my yarn and needles with me and have completed 28 baby hats.  I am trying to crochet one every night while I sit in front of the TV.  They don’t take long to make.

I hope ya’ll have a good week.



Weekend Coffee Share


Good Morning!

What a week it’s been.  I made another trip to Goodwill with a full van.  Slowly but surely I am getting this place cleaned out.  The workers at the Goodwill are starting to call me the Cow Lady.  I have taken about fifty cow cookie jars to them.  I collected cows for years, unfortunately, my hubby didn’t seem to recognize the difference between a collector and a hoarder.  He just kept buying me more and more cows.  I am keeping my very favorite cows and parting with the rest.

Do you see the mug in my header graphic?  That is my all-time favorite coffee mug.  It was given to me by a young girl who lived with us for a while until she moved to live with a relative in New York.  The kids always teased me about not being human until after I had had my coffee.

I have been trying to join in with the challenges I enjoy here on WordPress.  I have done fairly well with it this week.  I am looking forward to the weather turning nicer so that I can get outside and do some photography.  Speaking of the weather, last week I had the heat on, this week it hit 80 degrees.  Not that I am complaining.  I am not a fan of winter, and the warm weather brings out the wildlife.  Like this little guy who showed up outside my front door the other night.


These little tree frogs sit by the light outside my door feasting on little bugs.  I just love them.  At.the end of the fall last year there were a ton of baby frogs.  They were so cute.  I know, many people think I am just a little bit crazy about how I feel about the frogs.  🙂  Anyway, they are back and I am so happy about it.

Another episode in the continuing saga of what can go wrong with my house starts like this.  I was washing dishes at the beginning of the week.  After I was finished, while standing 038877575369there in front of the sink drying my hands, I heard water running.  I looked at the faucet and saw that it was turned off.  All of a sudden I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  I opened the cabinet doors under the sink and sure enough, there was water all over.  So, after shutting the water off, I attempted to tighten all the connections but my efforts were unsuccessful.  I was without running water in the kitchen until Friday.  But,  I now have a brand new faucet in my kitchen that works just great!

I am so excited that my neighbor’s geese have started coming down to my house to visit again.  They used to come down to my house twice a day.  Then the stopped coming.  I was so disappointed when that happened.  DSCF1067I guess it’s been two years since they have been here.  Yesterday, I was sitting by the front window and looked up to see them waddling up the driveway.  I was so excited that I jumped up grabbing my camera but just as I got outside a car out on the highway made a very loud noise and it spooked them.  However, I did see my favorite goose, Gus.  I named him.  He is a saddleback goose.  The one with the bright orange beak and black spots on him.  I am hoping they will continue to come down to visit.

I am off to a local quilt show today.  I love to see all of the beautiful quilts that are entered.  This particular show is sponsored by Horry County and they always have a challenge that is a feature at the show.  Short demonstrations on various techniques are offered too.  It’s usually a nice show.

The race is in Atlanta this Sunday.  I am soooo happy NASCAR is back.  Go Kasey!

Have a good week.




Superbowl LII Weekend

I just poured myself a cup of coffee.  Mmmm!  Nothing like that first sip in the morning.  So, my week was filled with more of the same.  Sorting through more boxes of the stuff Gary and I had collected over 41 years of marriage.  I will be downsizing so this is really a necessary task.  As much as I hate to part with some of the treasures we have amassed, I am happy that there are many thrift shops that support various ministries in my area.  So I know that my treasures will go on to make others happy and also help those in need.

Gracie has decided to lay on my lap as I share my coffee time with ya’ll.  Gracie is my little Cairn Terrier mix.  Just look at that sweet face.


I don’t really have big plans for the weekend.  I’ll go to Mass this evening instead of in the morning.  I am so happy it is possible to go to Mass on Saturday evening since I am definitely not a morning person.  I spent most of my nursing career working on the night shift.

I am looking forward to the Superbowl.  I am a sports fan.  I am from the Philadelphia area, however, not really an Eagles fan.  That was my husband’s team.  I have been a Washington Redskins fan since the days of Joe Theismann.   He was a heck of a quarterback.  I was watching a Hallmark movie one time he was playing the father of one of the main characters.  As much as I like the guy, his acting wasn’t stellar.  But I digress.  Since my team didn’t make it to the Superbowl, I have to support the division the Redskins are in.  So, I will be cheering on the Flying Eagles.


I also feel a responsibility to cheer for the Eagles for my husband.  I know he is smiling from ear to ear they have made it to the Superbowl again.  I hope they win for him.  🙂  And of course, as much as I used to like the Pats, I cannot condone the blatant cheating that they have done in the past.  It’s time for Tom Brady and the Pats to be put in their place.  Just my humble opinion.

I’ll be texting all through the game with my kids during the game for sure.  I remember years ago going to Superbowl parties with friends and family.  It was always fun.  Those days are gone so it will be Gracie and me watching the game and the strongest thing I will be consuming is chocolate ice cream.  🙂

Oops!  Time to refill my coffee.   Enjoy your weekend and have a good week everyone.

Keep the faith!