Day 6 of the 9 Days For LIfe Novena

Today’s intention is below.  Click the image and you will be taken to Day 6 on the USCCB website.
9 Days For Life Novena Day 6

This is the beginning of an article I found at Integrity Starts Here.

Pornography and the Catholic Church by Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D.

If you are reading this page, you may be aware that the Church warns against the use of pornography, but not know why. If you’re wondering what the church has to say about pornography and why, read on.
The church has much to say about pornography.  This is because porn injures the dignity of everyone involved – producers and consumers.  Sexuality is a wonderful gift from God!  It is meant to be shared by a husband and wife as an expression of their love which is unitive and can lead to procreation.  
Pornography reduces sex to nothing more than a recreational activity where people are simply used for personal pleasure. With pornography, there is no relationship, love, intimacy, responsibility, unity or openness to new life.  People are simply treated as objects.  It is a disordered use of sexuality, which can hurt people physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.  Use of pornography is a grave sin.  It wounds our relationship with God, which can threaten our eternal salvation.
For married people, pornography use is a form of adultery.  For single people, pornography use is a form of fornication. Both of these are serious sins.  Pornography offends against chastity, and there are no reasons to justify its use.
It’s important to remember that the Church’s sanction against pornography is not meant to be a way of controlling people or preventing them from enjoying life.  Quite to the contrary, it is meant to protect people so they can enjoy a healthy life and live it to the fullest! 
Click here to continue reading this article.  There is a lot of information at this site.  Share the link if you know someone who would benefit from it. 

9 Reasons to Join 9 Days for Life

Thank you for praying with me.

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