To Shop Or Not To Shop

  Fabric shopping.  Who can’t relate?  There is noting like walking along the buffet of beautiful, glorious fabric.  Ah  I almost have to touch each and every morsel.  I delight in the possibilities of what masterpiece I could create with just this perfect piece of material.   
  Before I realize it, drool is dripping from my chin. Nonchalantly I pull my handkerchief from my pocket and while pretending to cough, I wipe the tell tale sign away from my face.  Phew!  I am ever so thankful that Mom always told me to carry a hanky. Slowly I search the shop for a diversion. Good, there are notions.  I head over there to give my eyes a chance to lose their glassed over look.
  But then it hits me again.  All of those can’t live without rulers and buttons and…Well you know what I mean.   Before I know it…you guessed it.  I’m drooling again!  Will this impediment to my cool calm exterior never stop?  So then I give myself a strong talking to and begin to graze the delightful desert, the patterns.  
  I am sure you know what is coming next.  Of course I begin drooling again.  I can’t control it.  My hanky is soaked.  I look around the shop with panic in my eyes.  Not a beach towel in sight.  What to do?  What to do?  With that one of the girls from the shop walks up and asks “Are you OK?” I smile and tell her yes.  She asks if I am ready to have my fabric cut.   I follow her to the cutting table.  As I stand there waiting for my treasures, I look around the shop and see someone else with glassed over eyes and drool dribbling down her chin.  🙂
  I love this cartoon.  Sound familiar?  I must admit that when my hubby has gone fabric shopping with me he usually asks if I am sure I have enough.  I am one lucky quilter! But then I remember what is waiting for me at home and say yes I’m sure.  

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