Happy Fathers Day

  Today is Father’s Day.  It’s been nineteen years since my father died.  I really miss him.  It’s been seven years since my father-in-law died.  I miss him too.  When you are young you never think that your dad won’t be here forever.

  On a brighter note, this is my son’s first Father’s Day.  His feet still haven’t hit the ground since Isabella came into his life in February.

  Aren’t these shirts cute?  Karina had them made.  I’m not too sure about toasting my granddaughter with a mug of beer though. :).  And just look at Isabella laughing.  What an angel she is.
  Lastly, certainly not least, Joe is dad to my other three grandchildren and I wish him a Happy Father’s Day too.  
  My hubby and I are spending a quiet day at home.  All the kids called to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  We are just enjoying the race on TV.  And he’s got the Phillies on the computer.  What more could he ask for?  

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