Where Oh Where Is My Blog?

Bandit soaking up the sun.

What beautiful weather we are having now.  I took this picture this afternoon from the office window.  Isn’t he a cutie?  I spent yesterday working in the garage with the hubby.  Hated the work but loved being out int he nice air.  We stacked all the Christmas stuff in one place.  Of course we found more Christmas bins to go through.   I have a much smaller house so I can’t use everything.  I am offering it to the kids if they want any of it.  The rest is gone!   We have been living in NC since September 2003 and we still have things we haven’t unpacked.  Guess we don’t need it huh?  So that is our big spring job.  Cleaning out the Stuff!

When I tried to post to last evening, I couldn’t see the blog so I just said I’ll do it tomorrow.  Low and behold, today I still can’t see my blog.  I was playing with it yesterday trying out all the gadgets Blogger has available to put on your site.  I guess I broke it!  So instead I have spent a good bit of today reading other blogs.  You know the ones that aren’t broken.   I love reading the quilty blogs, the crafty blogs, the needlework blogs…..and on and on.  I don’t know how these people get anything done.  But they do and I love to see what they have done.  🙂  That’s how my Blogger woes started.  I visited a blog that I follow last evening and I saw this very cute kitty that looked like one we had.  So of course I had to put it on my blog.  Get the picture?

So now I guess since I have wasted a good bit of time today on the computer, I should get up from my desk and do something in the house.  Or, I could go in my quilting room and see what trouble I can stir up.  Actually, my quilting room is a mess.  I should really start there don’t you think?  Good idea!  I haven’t sewed since before Christmas and I am itching to get started.  

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