Easy Street Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter

After ignoring my blog for months, I have finally decided to get with it.  It seems I am so busy all the time and I can’t for the life of me figure out what I am so busy doing.  I haven’t done much sewing or quilting for that matter and for sure I haven’t slaved away doing house work.  I think I just need to get myself more organized.

I am participating in Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt “Easy Street”.  Bonnie is the Queen of scrap quilts.  I was lucky enough to attend one of her workshops through my guild Brunswick Quilters.  While she was here she finished a quilt and named it Stars Over Shallotte.   I have started all of her mystery quilts but have not finished them.  Seems life keeps getting in the way.  But, I am determined to finish this one and on time.

I have chosen homespun fabric for my quilt.  I usually just follow what the designer does with color, but I am stepping outside my little box and picking my own fabrics this time.  Hopefully I haven’t made a mistake.  🙂

The solid fabric is orange.  I’ll use that one for my constant.

As usual I am behind.  The second clue was posted already and I am just beginning.  My dear husband Gary will do all of my cutting.  I am so lucky that he likes to do it since I am not very good at cutting.  And I think he is afraid I’ll cut myself with the rotary cutter.

I am off to get my fabric cut and to start my first step.  Oh yeah, I need my easy angle ruler and my companion angle too.  I love how Bonnie always uses the same tools when she does her mysteries.

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