Where Oh Where Has The Time Gone?

I cannot believe that it is September 14th. I should because I turned 61 on the 12th.

It seems like it should still be June. My daughter and het family moved down here to NC from PA the 3rd week of June. I have been so busy with the kids and helping them get settled.

The 21st of July we went to PA for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday party. The trip was very eventful and long. We hit a pot hole in the rain in Virginia. We blew a tire. By the Grace of God no one got hurt and it happened right near an exit where there was a Pep Boys. It took about 2 hours to get new tires. On the road again and the car started vibrating badly. Well we drove over 200 miles till we reached Mother’s house. We had the car fixed and we needed 2 more new tires, new front brakes because when we hit the pot hole the right brake pad broke into 3 pieces and a front end alignment. Have I mentioned how much I love Virginia?

Any way Mother’s party was lovely and we got to see family we hadn’t seen in a long time.

A week later we were on our way home and when we hit Virginia it was raining again. I swear Virginia should be called the Rainy State.

By the time we got home the boys had already started school. They are going to a Charter School and will be going all year long.

My son got home from the Alaskan cruise out of Seattle. He’s been staying with us until his place is ready.

My son-in-law wound up in the hospital for severe vertigo and an elevated . blood pressure. Thank God he was only in for one day. He’s doing fine now.

I haven’t been to a guild meeting since i don’t remember when. Haven’t swarm a stitch either. I finally loaded a quilt onto my longarm and got it 3/4 of the way done yesterday. I’ll finish it in the morning. It feels great to be quilting again.

As I mentioned the 12th was my birthday. My husband and kids got me (us) a new tv. It’s a 47 inch flat screen. It’s great to be able to see detail. I love it. I have been blessed with thevmost wonderful family.

The weather has finally changed and we are no longer having so much rain.
I am finally sleeping at night thanks to the new meds from my rheumatologist.
Which brings me to what I’m doing now. I’m in bed ready to go to sleep. Good Night and God Bless.

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