Retreat Day

Yesterday was my bag class at BQ.  I didn’t get mine finished, but I think it’s really going to be cute.  Most of the girls left with more done than me.  I guess I did too much talking and not enough sewing.  🙂  It’s always nice to visit with the girls at the meetings.  Anyway, I will finish it on my retreat that starts today.  I am so excited about going away for a few days with good friends and just sewing till my hearts content.  I just love going on retreats.  BQ used to have one yearly and it was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately where we had the retreat there are no elevators and since most of the membership have trouble with stairs we have had to stop having it.  I am looking for a place that has a large community room where we can sew and rooms with elevator access.  Where I am going today might fill the bill.  Well I got my paperwork turned in for the quilts I am entering in the quilt show in May.  I am teaching a class for Christmas In July this year.  A cute candle mat.  I will make the sample at retreat.  It should be perfect for a half day class.  Our program should be really good this year.  Well I am off to the quilting room to finish a couple of quilts before I leave for my retreat.  “Quilting with friends will keep you in stitches.”

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