A Quiet House

Bud left for Miami and Kelly arrived from PA with my grand-babies last Sunday. Oh what a wonderful week it was. The kids are getting so big. We had Legos and dolls all over the house. I always forget how noisy the house gets with them here. They went back to PA on Friday afternoon. The house is so quiet now. I can’t wait until mid June when they move down here close to me. I’ll get to spoil them more often then. :). They did wear me out though, I had to bail on my Hawaiian Appliqué Class yesterday. I get so frustrated sometimes. The Fibromyalgia isn’t fatal, but it can surely play havoc with your life.

Brunswick Quilters guild’s quilt show is May 19th and 20th so I am working on the quilts I want to enter. Two need to be quilted and my small whole cloth piece needs to be bound. Have to get the paperwork turned in by Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Quilters By The Sea’s meeting. Not sure what the program is. Then Tuesday is Brunswick Quilters meeting. We’re having a class to make a charm square bag. Have to get my prep work done. I have several quilts to get done before the meeting. They are baby quilts and shouldn’t take too long to do. Then off to Retreat with my dear friend Sue. Busy week ahead of me for sure.

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