Progress spent most of the day working in my quilting room.  I am happy to report that I have gotten a lot done.  My fabric closet has been reorganized and I have begun sorting through the scraps.  One of my favorite quilters, Bonnie Hunter,  makes use of everything and she makes the most beautiful quilts.  I am attempting to follow her scrap organization guidelines by separating scraps into squares, strips and strings.  I know that once I get what I have organized, it won’t be such a job to keep it up.  I have her Orca Bay Mystery Button on my blog because I plan to make it as soon as I get the room done.  🙂  Gary is going to help me move furniture around in there tomorrow.  I have my long arm in my room, and it makes it a bit tight.  So, we are investigating other options.  I may move it into another room.  We’ll see.

Well so much for our cold front.  They are talking about temperatures in the high 60’s.  Gotta love the south.  One of my favorite things about living down here is the pretty winters.  Pennsylvania has a tendency to be ugly in the winter.  Grey skies, dirty snow.  Depressing.  But down here you have that beautiful Carolina Blue sky.

I have added the Autism banner to the top of my blog.  My two grandsons are on the Autism Spectrum and this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  My daughter Kelly is my hero.  She is so wonderful with the boys.  She’s taught me so much about Autism and about the misconceptions of it.  I am so very proud of her.  Andrew and Aidan are beautiful and wonderful little boys and so very smart.  They keep Kelly on her toes for sure.  I was in PA with them for a month right before Christmas.  I came home tired, but incredibly happy to have had the time with them.  

Until next time….”Our family is a patchwork of love.” Anonymous

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