Well another day not spent in my sewing room.  I had an appointment late morning today.  And some more errands.  But, in the midst of those errands I visited a Quilt Shop!  There is nothing like walking around a quilt shop looking, touching and imagining what you could do with all that  fabric.  I could spend hours in one.  Yes, I have been told it’s a sickness, but what a way to go.  🙂  Anyway, that’s just what I needed to get me motivated here at the house.  I have made my list for tomorrow.  Bright and early I’ll be attacking that room. 

I have always wanted to learn how to quilt.  So much so that when I was injured and had to give up work, I made virtual quilts on my website.  In 2005 after moving to NC I finally got my wish. 
My mentor, Donna and another friend Joyce have gotten me into doll quilts.  Of course it didn’t take much for me to jump on board.  I love dolls.  I have dolls.  So making them quilts just seemed like the natural thing to do.  Actually, the very first quilt retreat I ever went to back in 2005, I won a raffle for a doll bed that Donna made.  She even made a mattress and pillow out of ticking and made covers for them both.  And of course she made a beautiful quilt to go with it.  The quilt guild I belong to, Brunswick Quilters had a quilt show in 2010 and I had it on display. 

My doll bed.

 I am blessed to have found  a wonderful guild with such talented members who share so willingly. 
And I have learned that, “Quilting with friends will keep you in stitches.”  Anonymous.

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