First Job In Retail

After spending many years in nursing I retired, I thought I was done working and would spend my golden years busing myself with the hobbies I had never had time to pursue. And so it went until my husband died suddenly. Then it all began to change.

Without going into all the mundane details of the grieving process and the changes that were necessary for me to get to where I am today, I have had to get a job. Since I have been out of nursing for so long that option is not available. So I have obtained my first job in retail. I was hired at my Dollar Tree as a cashier. I had never even used a cash register. Talk about an eye opener! I had no idea that cashier meant cleaning up, sweeping the floor, stocking the drink coolers, and even wiping down the rest rooms!

I cannot believe how sloppy people are. They pick things up and walk into the next aisle and just drop it onto another shelf. Or just walk further down the same aisle and just throw it anywhere. It’s infuriating. They help themselves to anything they wish to drink or munch on and put the empty containers anywhere they can find a flat surface. The theft is unbelievable! I have this undying desire to put up this sign.

Image from the internet.

Of course the powers that be would have a stroke.

Finally I know why my daughter used to complain about shoppers when she worked in retail. It is something you would not believe unless you experience it yourself.

First Apartment

I am setting a new record, this is my third post in as many days. I won’t get too excited because I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. You may be wondering why this is such a “big” first for me. After all, it seems like that first should be lost to my memory. I mean, how can you compare first love to this?

This is such a big first for me because I have only been in my first apartment for less than 2 years. Some of my followers may remember me posting that I had moved in back in September 2019 but I thought I would revisit this first.

My husband and I were married for one month short of 41 years. I moved into our home from the home I grew up in. So, I had never lived on my own and it was the last thing I wanted to be doing. But, God has other plans for me. He took Gary home to Him in September 2016. I stayed in the house for a couple of years but I was in the middle of nowhere and my kids were worried about me. So after the hurricane that destroyed a large part of my home I decided to sell it.

My daughter helped me find the apartments I am living in in the city. I have been making it my own since I moved in. I have to tell you though, it is a bit of a struggle, at least at first it was. I was now living away from all of the people I had made friends with. I had to change my church because I am over an hour away from it. I don’t have my quilt guild that I had been a member of since 2005. So I have become a master of adjustments.

What I have gained is my grandchildren are less than 10 minutes away and I see them several times a week. Both of my daughters are close by so we see each other more often. I can walk to the grocery store if I feel like it. I have wonderful neighbors. I can sew when I want, do my photography when I want and do nothing if I want.

I think that the biggest take away from this situation that was forced upon me is that I now know I can do it. I am happy, I am busy, and I am no longer afraid to be alone. Believe me that is the big one. There are so many benefits that I never thought of. I don’t have to compromise over the color of my furniture, or what I want to make for supper. And I get to live in the city, although it’s not a big city, where I can go to the theatre and out to dinner when I want. Something Gary would never do. I guess we get these benefits to help us adjust. Believe me, I would so much rather have my Gary back with me, but since I can’t I have chosen to accept my life as it is and be happy.