First Job In Retail

After spending many years in nursing I retired, I thought I was done working and would spend my golden years busing myself with the hobbies I had never had time to pursue. And so it went until my husband died suddenly. Then it all began to change.

Without going into all the mundane details of the grieving process and the changes that were necessary for me to get to where I am today, I have had to get a job. Since I have been out of nursing for so long that option is not available. So I have obtained my first job in retail. I was hired at my Dollar Tree as a cashier. I had never even used a cash register. Talk about an eye opener! I had no idea that cashier meant cleaning up, sweeping the floor, stocking the drink coolers, and even wiping down the rest rooms!

I cannot believe how sloppy people are. They pick things up and walk into the next aisle and just drop it onto another shelf. Or just walk further down the same aisle and just throw it anywhere. It’s infuriating. They help themselves to anything they wish to drink or munch on and put the empty containers anywhere they can find a flat surface. The theft is unbelievable! I have this undying desire to put up this sign.

Image from the internet.

Of course the powers that be would have a stroke.

Finally I know why my daughter used to complain about shoppers when she worked in retail. It is something you would not believe unless you experience it yourself.

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