Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Trains and Tracks


Cee of Cee’s Photography hosts the  Black and White Photo Challenge.  This week’s theme is Trains and Tracks.



These pictures were taken years ago.  They are of some of the trains my husband had collected.  I had fun going through these for this challenge.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them.



Here is my entry for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge Week 111 over at Dutch Goes the Photo Blog.  This weeks theme is height.



I took this shot last summer when I was at Vero Beach in Florida.  I just love to sit by the sea and watch the birds soaring high above the water.  Then suddenly they drop and catch their dinner.  Pelicans are so funny to watch.  They aren’t the most graceful of birds.  They are very entertaining.

Whenever I see a bird in flight, it makes me smile.  I can just imagine the things that creature can see.  I am a bit jealous of their special point of view.  I love to fly and would do it all the time if I could afford it.  When I am sitting on an airplane, always in the window seat, I am always excited about what I see out of the window.

I have only recently taken up photography.  At least relatively recent.  My favorite subjects are animals, especially birds, and flowers.  Looking back at my photos I can see improvement which is encouraging to me.