Everything Happens For A Reason

After spending yesterday preparing for my guild’s outreach workshop today, I discovered that our well pump stopped working last night.  Our well is located on the side of our property.  Since there is no light out there, we could do nothing.  So I had to call my co-chair to let her know she would be on her own today.  I hate to miss these workshops.  The plan was to work on the firehouse quilts.  We are almost finished with them.

So, it looks like today I will be hanging around the house waiting for the well man.  I hope that it’s nothing serious and can be taken care of today.  Living without water is quite difficult.  You don’t realize how much we take for granted.  It ‘s an eye opener.  Maybe I’ll be able to get some sewing done.

On Sunday we visited with my daughter for her birthday.  We had such a nice time with Sam and Stephen.  When we got to her house, her old roommate from college was there.  It was such a nice surprise to see him.

I’ve also been working on our family tree.  It’s amazing to find our ancestors and see pictures and documents from them.  I can spend all day searching through documents and records.

Have a good day.

My New Obsession

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I have posted here. OK, I can believe it. Especially when I look back over my history here in this blog. But I really have been making a great effort not to be so lazy. And I haven’t been lazy. Just busy.

My daughter Samantha had given me a program for doing your family tree back in 2009. The idea was that we would work on it together. So I had started it, but lost interest when Samantha never seemed to have the time to work on it with me. I would go back to it every once in a while and get a minimal amount done. So when I went to work on it again a couple of weeks ago I discovered that the program I had no longer worked with the ancestry interface.

We had visited Samantha and told her I was basically stuck because I can no longer verify any information on ancestry. Stephen, my son-in-law was there and he immediately jumped on the site to check it out. He has a broken foot so has to spend a lot of time off his feet with his let elevated. Anyway, by the time I got home that night Stephen had gotten a subscription to ancestry for us and was going to town on his family tree. So, to make a long story short, I have jumped into this family tree thing with both feet. I have ancestors connected back to the 1600’s. I am have been having a ball doing it and have not done anything else. I also got in touch with my cousin I have not seen since 1958. It’s been wonderful.

I love knowing about my family roots, but more importantly I want my kids and grand kids and great grand kids to know about theirs. One of the things I discovered is that my father-in-law grew up believing that his father was an orphan. Not only is it not true, but he has quite a lineage. He passes away and never knew any more about his family. I don’t want that for my family.

So, tomorrow is guild day and I have not made my block of the month or done anything for show and tell. I walked into my sewing room and just am not inspired right now. But I did bring Hildie out to have a look and play with her a bit today. Isn’t she pretty? She’s a 1896 Singer 13649206 hand crank. And she sews so smooth.

Keep cool, it’s another hot one.

Family Is A Blessing

I have been blessed to have my grandchildren here with me. My daughter and her husband moved into a new home and we watched the kids during the process. The three of them are a handful when they are together. It seems that we can’t spend enough time with each of them so now we have started having one at a time to stay with us for a couple of days.

My youngest just had her seventh birthday on the first of July. She is spending the night with us now. It’s amazing how much she has grown up. Time passes so quickly.

I will soon have all three of my children living close to me. My son has been in Florida and now is moving here to be close to family. He’s been away from all of us for years. He’s decided that making a lot of money at a high stress job with to much traveling is not what he wants to spend the rest of his life doing. He wants a family and wants to be around family.

I have so many wonderful memories of singing around the piano while my aunts or uncle or grandmother played. Our family get-togethers were always so much fun. Growing up down the street from my cousins made us close. In my family I had love, forgiveness, support, discipline, and a strong foundation in my faith. That foundation in my faith is what brought me back to the Catholic Church.

Spending time with family has inspired me to make a family tree so that my grandchildren will know where they come from. This has been a very rewarding experience and I have learned so much about my family heritage that I did not know.

Family is truly a blessing.