Daily Prompt:  Rapid

I have always loved the water.  I think watching rivers flowing, ocean waves rolling onto the beach, and lakes with gentle ripples very relaxing.  I also love to photograph them.

What scares me to death is the thought of getting into a rubber raft and riding over the rapids of a river.  I just cannot imagine taking that kind of chance with my health.  However, I don’t mind watching other people being foolish by riding the rapids.

I don’t think I was such a scaredy cat when I was young, but now at the ripe old age of (well much older), I readily admit my fears.  And to be honest, once you become a parent, your priorities change.   You are no longer responsible for only yourself.  Someone depends on you for everything for many years.  That may have been the beginning of my fear of reckless behavior.

Our lives are journeys that take us through childhood into adolescence and the terrible teen years bring us to the brink of young adulthood.  Our perspectives change with each stage of our journey.  What excites us and inspires us in one phase, often bores us or frightens us in a later phase.

What remains are our memories of the good times we spent in our earlier years and as we reminisce about them with our old friends we sheepishly admit to each other that we were just a little bit crazy attempting some of the things we did.





One thought on “Journeys

  1. Ahhh….I was young, 10 feet tall and bullet proof once. My antics and gusto, cannonballing blind folded into harrowing adventure. It’s a figgin miracle I survived to be this old!
    My kids are a terror and there I am with my hair on end and stomach from falling into the pit of me, screaming ” OMG! What arevyou doing?! Stop that! Get down!” To which they say “But you did it!” Well yeah. But I was crazy!
    I think that time came for me when “The horse came back alone”. There’s nothing like a month in ICU to deflate invincibility. ..the wake up call that says “Surprise! You’re breakable!”
    As per rafting the Rapids…been there. Gotta do that in the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a bunch of crazy indians. The bottom of the canyon is hot as hades and the water is bone jarring cold. The rapids so rough you’ll feel like you’ve been beat with a hammer! Lol


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