Daily Prompt:  Observe

Daily Prompt:  Tide

I have always been fascinated with the tides of the ocean.  I could sit on the beach or on a pier and watch the ocean for hours.  There is nothing more relaxing to me.  Depending on which beach I am on, the tides appear different.  Sometimes I have to move my chair back several times as the tide comes in, or down closer to the water as the tide goes out.

Years ago, I visited Hawaii and noticed a difference between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans as the tides changed.  And when I was in the Caribbean I noticed the difference between the Atlantic and Caribbean where they meet.  The changes in the color, clarity, and temperature of the water during the same time of year are amazing to me.

The tides of our oceans are attributed to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon which cause the water level to rise and fall but vary depending on where the moon and sun are in relation to the ocean as the earth rotates on its axis.  This pull causes two bulges in the ocean on opposite sides of the earth.  Since the moon is much closer, it has more power to pull the tides than the sun and it is the primary source creating tides.

This is a wonderful No matter how many times I observe these changes, I am still amazed at the creation of our planet, and feel very blessed to be able to enjoy the oceans changing tides.



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