Birthday Celebrations

Daily Prompt:  Abrupt

This past Sunday we celebrated my grandson Aidan’s twelfth birthday.   My daughter, his mother spent most of Saturday here making a cake for him.  It was a pirate ship coming onto the shore.   I find this so amazing because she is the kid that never wanted to cook.  She would run screaming from the kitchen if I even hinted that I wanted to teach her how.


Of course, we all know that things change after you become a parent.  And poor Kelly was blessed with three kids that had numerous food allergies so she made everything from scratch.  Thankfully a lot of that has straightened out for the kids, but she still deals with a bit of it.

Kelly has come into her own as a cook.  Of all my kids, she’s the one who I held the least hope for.  She’s creative, talented, and really seems to enjoy it.  Color me Surprised!

This is Aidan’s cake.  The bottom layer is half chocolate and half white.  The ship is made out of Rice Krispies treats covered in fondant.  The Kraken is made from chocolate.  The water is blue food coloring mixed with white icing.  The sand is crushed vanilla wafers.  The pirate’s chest is made from kit kats and metallic colored candy.  The railing on the ship is made from tootsie rolls.  The fish are Sweedish fish.  And there are root beer barrels on the deck.  I would not have known how to even start!

Kelly and the kids stayed the night and the men arrived on Sunday.  We had a great time, watched the race and had cake.

It is always a whirlwind when they are here.  It sounds like there are fifty kids in the house.  🙂  Then it’s time to leave…and abruptly, without notice, the kids are in the car waiting for mom and dad to gather up all of their things and take them home.

I kid you not when they are gone my house sounds so very quiet.  It’s almost spooky.  I do love having them here.  They are full of energy and they wear me out some days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is true, grandchildren are your reward for not killing your kids!





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