W is for Weave & Wonder Under


Image result for weave of fabric

Weave describes the interlacing of fibrous threads to create fabric.  A very simple concept.  The fabric used for the construction of clothing and quilts is graded according to the thread count or weave it contains.  The higher the the thread content or threads in the weave the better and stronger the fabric.  Quilters for the most part use 100% cotton fabric with a tight weave which gives stability, durability, and softness to their quilts.  Related image

Linens are also graded this way.  Sheets especially note the number of threads used in their construction.  The more threads used in the weave, the softer and stronger they are.




Wonder Under is a product made by Pellon.  It is a fusible foundation used for machine appliquê.  It is ironed to the wrong side of the shape to be sewn onto the background fabric.  The paper backing is then removed and the shape is pressed with an iron onto the background fabric for stability.  Then the edges of the shape are stitched by a sewing machine.  For those of us who are not fans of hand appliquê, this product has allowed us to create beautiful pieces.


The appliquê remains soft and flexible after application.  This product has quickly become one of my favorite oh hand supplies.

I first learned how to machine appliquê several years ago when I took a class from Pat Sloan.

This is the project I made in the class.


This wall hanging remains one of my favorite projects.  I learned so much from Pat and have used her method of machine applique often.

Have a good day.


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