The Key To Happiness



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Daily Prompt:  Compromise

When I was young my father taught me the art of compromise.  He told me that learning how to compromise was the key to happiness.  He also told me that I am responsible for my own happiness.  Hence, learn how to compromise.

My dad quit high school to join the army.  He did not pass the physical so instead of going off to war in Korea, he joined the National Gard.  But, my dad was a very wise man.  He read voraciously.  He could repair anything.  Cars, appliances, and my broken heart.  But I digress.

One of the most important aspects of life he taught me was that to be happy we all have to compromise.  None of us are perfect, so we need to accept it and not continue to hit ourselves over the head about it.  We also must realize that those we come into contact with are not perfect. I know a little repetitive here.  🙂 We must compromise in our expectations of others and not demand perfection.  This by no means is an excuse not to do our best at whatever we choose to do with our lives.  Working hard, doing a good job, taking care of each other is what is expected when you become an adult.

As far as marriage is concerned, he said, you must each give 110% all the time.  He went on to say that in doing this, you learn how to compromise.  He followed it up quickly by saying, compromise is in no way an excuse to put up with physical or mental abuse in a marriage.  That is another story entirely.

Dad was the most giving man I have ever known.  In the scheme of things what color you paint the walls is really not worth putting your foot down.  He always saved the big issues for discussion, an example that I hope I followed throughout my marriage.

We can’t always have our own way.  There is a time to stand firm and a time to give in.  Finding those times in my life have shown me the way to be happy.  My husband and I shared almost 41 years of marriage until he passed away in 2016.  I guess my dad knew what he was talking about.

Have a good one.


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