The Dolly


February 17- his/her(s)

Her favorite doll was her Tiny Tears.  She named her Janet after her little friend across the street.  Mandy would take her for walks in her doll carriage, feed her from her baby bottle, and rock her patiently when tears formed in her eyes.  Mandy loved her Tiny Tears so much.

Mandy had Raggedy Anne and Andy, and her Gerber Baby, but they just didn’t make her feel like a mommy like Janet did.  She took such care of her dolls, especially Janet.  So, when her younger brother stole Janet, took her outside, threw her up in the air causing her to get a scratch on her cheek when she landed,  Mandy was beside herself.

How could Johnny do such a thing?  Would he like it if she took one of his favorite trucks and did something to it?  As Mandy ran into the house holding her precious Janet, she was crying.  Daddy stopped her asking what had happened.  As she reported the atrocity her little brother had committed, he hugged her ever so tightly.  He explained that little brothers are like that.  He didn’t really know why, but they had this innate desire to be a pain to their big sisters.  He really didn’t mean to hurt your dolly,  he just wanted to annoy you.

Mandy didn’t stop crying until she heard her daddy tell Johnny he was grounded for three days with no toys, and no TV so that he could think about what he had done.  Smiling, Mandy walked past her brother sitting very unhappily in his room as she cooed to Janet held in her arms.


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