The Village


Picture from Education in Medieval England

Daily Prompt:  Courage, Rube, Costume, Suspicious

It was a day not to be forgotten.  A day when there were so many assaults on the countryside.  Who could the peasants turn to for help?  It seems there was no one with the courage to step forward to defend their way of life.

The nobles were nowhere to be found.  Where were those who had promised protection for the poor?  Would they perish?  But how could the nobles let this happen?  Who would cook and clean for them?   Can they survive without us?

Slowly a rube came forward.  A simple sort who’s costume needed many repairs.  He was barefoot, dirty and spoke with a weak voice saying he would defend them.  “How can this be?” they asked him laughing.  You are a nothing a simpleton.

The rube spoke up saying, I may be nothing with nothing, but together we are something and have many weapons at our disposal.  Gather your farming tools and we will meet at the bridge to defend our homes.

The rest of the peasants in the village were suspicious but did as the rube had instructed.  The peasants laid in wait for the invaders to cross the bridge.  After many hours had passed, a scout was sent out to see where the invaders had gone.

The scout came running back into the village yelling that the invaders had vanished.  Cheers erupted throughout the village.  In no time the rube went back to being the village bumpkin, the nobles demanded the peasants resume their duties and the village continued to get along in the same fashion of its past.  It didn’t take long for the villagers to forget the courageous actions of the simple man who was willing to lead them to their defense of the invaders.



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